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  1. I just traded for a Technika, and I'm not sure what model it is, but
    I think it is a IV. What are the differences between the models.
    I used one years ago before I bought my monorails, but didn't know
    the difference.
  2. www.cameraquest.com
  3. It might be easier if you described the features of the camera you have, but one way to differentiate the IV and later from the III is the lens axis tilt on the later models vs. only base tilt backwards on the III.
  4. Try this: http://cameraquest.com/techs.htm
  5. Color of the leatherette is one way - black = Technika III, tan = Technika IV, gray = Technika V. Not completely foolproof since people occasionally recover their cameras, also some Vs left the factory with black leatherette, but accurate most of the time. You can also distinguish a III from a later model by the fact that IIIs had only back tilt on the front standard, no forward tilt as all later Technikas have had. You can distinuish a IV from a V by the front rise mechanism, on the IV it was located on the left side (as you face the front of the camera), on the V it's a lever about an inch long located at the lower right hand corner of the front standard.
  6. I am offered a Linhof technika III myself for a nice price, but after reading the links
    published in this thread I understand that the Technika III does not have front tilt. Is this

    This is the movement I use most of all. The cameraquest.com website says you can
    remedy the problem by swinging it over on its side. This turns the swings into tilts. But I
    really dont know if I want to work that way. I think I will wait till I find a newer IV or V
  7. Eirik - Read the message immediately above yours.
  8. Ehhh, Sorry. I stopped at the second posting in this thread before posting my own.
  9. From all of your help I have figured out this is a IV as it is tan, and has rear tilts. This is a nice system with it pigskin case, trick Linholf film holders, cams, and such. On the lid of the case It has eight round filters with thumb tabs on them, and no threads. They seem to be in the 55mm to 58mm range for a diameter. I take it there must be some kind of a trick? Linhof holder to put these into?
  10. These are slip-in filters that go in a Linhof lens hood.

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