Difference NEC 2690 / NEC 2690-SV

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by baard_lunde, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. <p>Hello,

    <p>I have thought about purchasing the NEC LCD2690 monitor for retouching work.
    But there seem to be two different versions;


    <p>What is the difference? The price between these two differs with about $300.
    Is the "SV" version the Spectra View monitor? In this case, what is the big

    <p>Thanks a lot!
  2. Software (SpectraView II) which I like very much. I have the 2690, great unit.
  3. The difference is only the included software? The software cost only $169.99 bought directly from NEC, while the "SV"-version of the monitor is aprox. $200+ more expensive.
  4. I was told they'd have a hood too, not sure if that's included here or not.
  5. OK, got the answer from my sources inside NEC, includes the EyeOne Display and software.
    Seems like a good deal.
  6. Hey Andrew. I have this monitor as well. When I try callibrating the monitor down to 90 cd/m2, using the spectraview software, I get a red delta warning symbol with a number around 4ish. Do you have any similar experiences to this? I currently am running it at 120 cd/m2 to get more color accuracy at the expence of being to bright. I'm getting a lot of headaches at this level. Any thoughts?

  7. <p>Andrew, thanks for your reply. It really sorts out things.

    <p>Do you know how much a monitor-hood cost for this display, and where to get one?
  8. ...and, is it possible to calibrate the MacBook Pro display using the included calibration device and software?
  9. 90 cd/m2 is WAY too low for that kind of unit. I was told the lower limits should be around
    130, I'm at 150cd/m2 so the software has some area to adjust lower. You don't need to be in
    a dim cave to work with LCD's which produce such high luminance. A CRT, 90 was good, you
    could expect to get three good years out of it. LCD's, go higher. Then raise up the viewing
    conditions for the prints.
  10. Thanks for your reply Andrew. As far as the Mackbook Pro goes... You cannot use the software for any other monitor than specific nec monitors. The software communicates with the monitor, then adjusts the internal settings of the monitor. As far as the calibration device goes. I've used it on another monitor by downloading The eye one software off of the Gretag website.


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