Difference between Minox 35 GT-X and GT-S?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by bobby mahaffey, Mar 17, 2000.

  1. Dear Martin,


    I recently discovered the wonderful chart you posted about the different models of the Minox 35. There are so many versions of this camera it's hard to keep them straight. When I called Leica (the Minox distributor) to ask about the differences between the models, I got nowhere, because the person I talked to knew very little. Then I found the chart!


    I wonder if you could fill in some of the blanks of the chart for me. I'd like to know the difference between the Minox 35GT-X and
    GT-S. One post I saw, elsewhere on the internet, suggested the GT-S was a gray market version of the GT-X, but Leica told me the GT-X is discontinued, while the GT-S is a current model.


    Are there any differences, even minor ones such as release button color, between these two cameras? One thing I noticed from the chart is they take different flash units. Are different flash units really necessary, or will they interchange? And finally what is the difference between these two flash units? Many thanks, Bob
  2. Bobby, GT-S is the latest Minox 35mm camera launched in 1998 Photokina, Colonge Germany, to replace the GT-X. GT-S is not a grey market version,
    it is a silver color version of GT-X. The matching flash is also silver color.
    Functionally GT-S is identical to GT-X.
    <p>The difference is cosmetic
  3. GT-X/GT-S has a green hyperfocal setting
    Distance at 4 meter
    Aperture F8 Difference between GT-X, GT-E

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