Difference between Canon EF II and Canon USM lenses

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by sambit_satpathy, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Hi all,
    I am considering to buy an EOS Rebel Ti.
    Now in the kit it comes with a 28-90 mm Canon EF II lens.
    Also at some places I have seen about USM lenses.
    Can anybody please help in understanding the difference between the 2
    models. Which is better in quality and why?
    So buing the kit i.e. EOS Rebel Ti + EF II is a good option or buying
    the Ti body and USM separately will be a better option?
    All suggestions are welcome.
    Thank you.
  2. Sambit, the 28-90 lens that comes with the kit form of the camera is okay at the very best, kinda soft and sluggish.I would suggest you buy the body it self and get the 28-105 usm lens. A much better lens by far, way sharper better auto focus.
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    I agree with Jeremy... I know it's much easier to go on here and post a question... but you'll find some really great sites out there if you just take a look.

    try www.photonotes.org , look around this site, www.photographyreview.com , and www.canoneos.com and click on the EF Lens button on the right.

    If you can afford it... the USM is fast and quiet... both 28-90mm models aren't very good optically though (I've read and somewhat tried comparing the 28-90mm USM with my 50mm). If you're looking to use this camera for just regular snaps like a point and shoot... then get a pt and shoot. If you want this camera for more control but still expect pt and shoot types of photos... just stick with the regular kit lens and save the money. If you plan on using the camera for faster moving subjects and maybe in quieter places, get the USM if you have the money. If you want to become serious... and I mean actually read up some stuff about photography and really care about quality, get a prime or if you need a wider range and can't afford other lenses, the USM would be better (I think) for the extra money.

    Before buying the camera, read up on it and visit www.canoneos.com and click on the Ti's icon. I love the camera and got a great set to start with. If you need more advice, you can ask me. =) I was where you are now about 2 months ago! =) (but then I started reading)
  4. According to what I can read in advertising, the Ti may come included with a
    28-90 USM or a 28-90 non-USM. USM lens as are most current Canon EF
    lenses (except maybe one or two out of 40+). Simply put, USM is the
    mechanisms which allows very fast and quiet autofocusing. There's no such
    thing as EF II since EF refers to the mounting socket on the camera and
    there's only one EF. Moreover, all USM are EF's.
    When you'll see a II or III it's a version number. It means the lens has been
    improved. The full name of the lens included with some Ti kits, if you will, goes
    like this: Canon EF 28-90mm f/4-4.6 II USM... The II stands for a newly
    redesigned focusing ring over the previous Canon EF 28-90mm f/4-4.6 USM.
    There is also a Canon EF 28-90mm f/4-4.6 II (non-USM) available. It's exactly
    the same glass as the previous one, except it has a new CPU for AF
    communication with the camera.

    As I said, some vendors mention USM, some don't, so I conclude (granting
    them the lucidity they seldom have) that both kits are available... I may be

    If both options are present, go for USM. BTW, can someone tell me why
    Canon just introduced a non-USM version of it?
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    They introduced a non-USM probably for those "price watchers"... not everyone will find the benefits of the USM that useful... also, the non-USM lens which comes with the kit has a matching finish. I guess it was easier and safer (commercially) to mass produce the matching finished lens to sell with the body as the cheaper type.

    Personally, I like how the black lenses look on my Ti anyway. =p
  6. Question: When does a II or III designation not mean an improvement?

    Answer: When the 50mm 1.8 went from having a metal flange, a distance window, and a good focusing ring to the current model that exists today.

    But, then again, the 50mm MkII is cheaper, so maybe that is an improvement. Who knows. Canon confuses me.
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    I don't think that every new model is really an improvement. Change yes, but the improvement part is in the eyes of the beholder! =p It confuses me that the 50mm II was changed to a plastic mount... price, however, was very attractive to me and so that was one of the main reasons why I bought it (besides it's well-renowned optical quality)... I guess the marketing tactic worked. =)
  8. In case someone is monitoring this thread and/or loves historic data:
    My EOS 55 (a kind of "special" edition of the EOS 50(E) / Elan II(E) sold in Japan only, with Panorama function and QD back) came with EF 28-90mm f/4-5.6 USM Silver, matching the finish of the camera. It is a Mk I and not a Mk II, and I cannot find any reference to it in Canon's Camera Museum.
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