Difference between AI 16mm fisheye and AF 16mm fisheye

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by chuck, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. I snapped up an AI-s 16mm fisheye on eBay. It has not yet arrived. However, my question is about the seller's statement that the lens
    does not take any filters. I was under the impression the lens was mostly identical to the AF-d 16mm fisheye, lacking only AF. The latter
    takes rear mounted filters. Does the AI-s lens take rear mounted filters?
  2. SCL


    According to this source it takes rear filters. http://www.photosynthesis.co.nz/nikon/specs.html#Fisheye
  3. I've used a few 16mm fisheye Nikkors.
    The f/2.8 AiS model does take the bayonet mounted filters just like the AF-D model.
    The older f/3.5 model has a built in filter array.
  4. Confirmed that it takes the bayonet rear filters. Incidentally, the filter is part of the optical design and the lens will not focus at infinity without a filter in place. Not having the filter in place does skew the minimum focus distance slightly closer.
  5. Chuck -
    There are nominally three Nikon 16mm fisheye models:
    16/3.5 non-AI, AI: Has built-in internal filters
    16/2.8 AIS: Rear-mounted filters (must have one installed)
    16/2.8 AF-D: Rear-mounted filters (must have one installed)
    Obviously none of them have front filter threads so they can't take standard filters.

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