Did you ever put in a request of critique?

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    its interesting to see how someone, you say is special to you, review your work can impact your views n how you work.

    if it was as as private as you say it is in your culture, then keep it private but please share how this effected your newer work? show some examples of what was reviewed and the sugested corrections your critique mentions? perhaps demonstrate what changes youve made as a result.

    ive met a few well known photographers, even studied under a couple over the years that have inspired me. but i find in my older age looking back, those people did have an impact but really didnt changed me at all. they taught me to experiment more n opened a new eye... maybe put me back on track with a new perspective.

    what was your experiance?
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  2. Just to brag a little bit, on 4/18/2006 I received an unsolicited comment from Jock Sturges on my portfolio here on pnet. Jock was a member for a while until he was blocked for posting photos of naked people. Some were thought to be too young to post in pnet. Anyway here's his comment:

    Very competent, well made work. Everything you do, you do well. You make arresting photographs with great facility. One senses that you have been lucky in your life and that that has given you much that by nature records well.

    What is the next step?

    jock sturges
  3. He held an exhibition in Moscow. He kicked up a terrible fuss.
  4. Yeah, just googled it. His first show in Moscow was in 2016 and caused a lot of protest. But, they showed his work again in 2017 concluding: "“The legal experts recognised the complete absence of signs of crime and the high artistic level of the works shown at the exhibition,” the gallery said in a statement on its site. The rebooted show includes documentation of last year’s conflict and the ensuing legal investigation.
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  5. I agree with the experts.
    I also congratulate you that you got his attention and advice.
  6. Too bad PN couldn't have come to a similar conclusion before closing Jock down.

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