Did you ever put in a request of critique?

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  1. Did you ever put in a request of critique to a world-wide famous maitre (artisan)? Received a response?
    I did. Sent a letter to Rodney Smith long ago.
  2. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

  3. I see a question, but what does it mean or seek in the way of answer.
  4. That's exactly what came to my mind!
  5. He responded in 2 weeks, it was a courteous, polite letter with direct critique.
  6. Tony Parsons

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    That's really good. I was awake all night wondering about the outcome.
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  7. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    lets see tye pic n what he said about it?

    was it constructive n helped?
  8. Seeing the photo you sent and the critique you received would be interesting. Otherwise, I don’t get much from hearing a photographer’s name and the number of weeks it took him to respond.
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  9. Yes! To read him is just like to read the book.
  10. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    post the letter and photo?
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  11. Please respond in good English. Do you want me to show the screenshot of his letter, the text of the letter or my works? What?
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    This is good English ?
  13. "To be or not to be" - study infinitives by means of classics, my opponent. I definitely never respond to trolls, this time it was an exception.
    To your question: - you have made TWO mistakes
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    Apologies if you felt this was trolling - this was not my intention, I only asked.

    Mea culpa.

  15. This is not grammatically correct. It should say: "To read him is just like reading the book."
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  16. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    to post or not to post. i doubt english grammar is the topic here.

    please post the letter you recieved in regard to your photo? it would help if we can also see the photo that was criticized?

    otherwise there is no point to this thread.
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  17. The reason for the grammar lesson was precisely that, because there’s been no point to this thread. The OP has now been asked in at least six different grammatical ways to post the pic and the critique ... and hasn’t. I don’t see much coming of this thread, so grammar seemed about as relevant as the rest here.

    Besides which, a little grammar never hurt anyone who wants to be able to communicate. To tie it to photography, it’s not unlike knowing how to focus a camera.
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  18. The critique regarding the entire portfolio of more than 70 photos was given to me. Some of my woks pop-up in no words section from time to time but not the very best ones.

    i can post the screenshot, but private letters are usually not shown to unknown people in my culture. Is it OK in the US? I am slightly confused - this is a private letter.

    The thead is not about boasting and showing off letters nor about the grammar of course, but about everyone's experience in this regard. I used to read all his stories, all his memories on his site (all that stuff still exists). You live near the place where he used to live (Palisades, New York) and you could do this personally and could attend his workshops too.

    Have you ever come up to a famous photographer for a critique? R. Smith was not the only case, the only person. I used to make requests.
  19. I understand this and live in the U.S., which is not really a monolithic culture, so it would be up to each American to decide whether to reveal the contents of a private letter. Personally, I would not reveal what I deemed to be a private letter though I'm not sure I'd consider a critique from a well-known photographer that private that I'd think it couldn't be shared on a photo sharing site. It would depend on the individual case.

    What I am sure about is that, if I felt a letter was private enough not to share with others, I wouldn't start a thread about it. Why pique people's interests and then have to tell them it's too private to let them in on it? If the letter were somehow related to a thread I was participating in, I might bring it up in passing. But I don't know why I'd make a private critique I wasn't able or willing to share the main topic of a public thread.
  20. No.

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