Did anyone mention that Dr Wozniak, Olympus guru is back on line.

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  1. Wozniak writes some interesting and readable articles about Olympus systems. I think he gives a nod to the other micro four thirds and four thirds cameras. He has a perspective going back to the Camedia days. And has a lot of good reading on flash that works and some of the newer lenses. I see his latest item on a Tenba bag. I am sure it is useful. I still love Think Tank where two models of Mirrorless Movers swallow up my cameras. The GX 8 Pana is the largest I use and it fits great. wrotniak.net: Photo Tidbits News

    Also look up David Thorpe of jolly old England who has some nice videos and thoughts on the photo world. Just for info posting. Since things are somnolescent if that is the word here lately...aloha friends, Gerry
  2. I am impressed with the top of the line items out there now. And Thorpe has a recent in full review in his video blog... I do not need either, but the EM-1 Mark II and the Panasonic GH 5 show that the format is not dying soon. They squeeze so much out of the microprocessors. Plus the top of the line zoom lenses are really sweet stuff. And one gets no sciatica carrying them if one is reasonable in lenses and one small flash maybe.
  3. It (wrotniak.net) is one of the better sites for the system. I cannot remember if I saw it here or over at DPReview when someone commented he was again adding new information to his site. He took a long work-related sabbatical from what I understand.
  4. Never heard of him. LOL
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  6. The E-M1 Mark II and 12-100mm f4 M. Zuiko is one powerful, easy to carry and shoot with combination. I've been doing a lot of testing since my trip to White Sands National Monument with processing in Adobe camera raw and the ORF files are flexible to the extreme.

    I expose landscapes as far to the right of the histogram as possible to minimize the need to raise shadow detail as that's where the most problems are with noise. Skies often open up in Adobe camera raw close to all white as a result, but using gradient masking, like a multi-stop neutral density filter, gets all the detail back. You then "paint out" the effects of the mask within the rest of the scene using the brush in the dialog box, enabling one to capture some pretty high contrast scenes that look very close to the way you were seeing them.




  7. Having bigger working man hands I sometimes unintentionally change a setting on the smaller EM-1 which I like plenty. Was not such a risk on the bigger E cameras. Is there a way to minimize this possibility? Thank you. Already shut off the Fn functions. Thank you.
  8. Someone put a plaster bumper thing next to the Display button which the right thumb seems to hit often. Could be one needs a larger camera. I wonder how the GH 5 would fit the hand and have the right real estate. Someday I will get to try one. In Hawaii not likely at least in current retail environment for photo..Jim.

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