Did a Trip to Cade's Cove

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  1. Haven't been on a "photo expedition" for a while and I'm not up to much hiking these days. I went for 4 days hoping to find some fall color, but alas, the blazing hot summer didn't permit. Though the leaves were trying to start changing. Stayed at the Townsend River Breeze Motel, which was basic, but decent and came with a kitchenette and a full size fridge, which was welcome.

    I did 4 loops on the road over 4 days, 3 in the morning and 1 in the evening (when I arrived). I saw rain, sun, and fog so pretty successful, though I had a hard time dodging the cars (especially on Saturday and Sunday) and traffic was often slow. There is a place where the deer congregate RIGHT inside the front gate of the road which means a terrible traffic knot right from the start as you weave around stopped cars from people with DSLRs and long lenses.

    There's a quite good Mexican Grill there right near the hotel and a Subway (I eat there a lot) as well as plenty of more "down home" type restaurants. Also a lot more hotels then I remember when I went last time (probably 15 years ago at least). The park is full of very nice people and the gift shop has corn meal from the mill and when you buy you get a recipe card for corn bread which is really good. No preservatives though, so kept in the fridge and freezer.

    Anyway, here are some of my amateur shots. I really need to figure out how to shoot things in the fog. Never sure how to do that but I like the way it looks to the eye.






  2. Quite nice.
  3. Thanks. I heard a podcast where there was a landscape photographer who said what he chases is really interesting weather rather than photographs or even light directly. I'm not sure how common fog is in Cade's Cove but I was lucky enough to see it 2 out of 4 days. I woke up yesterday morning here in Atlanta and it was pea soup here (which is not that common). I drove to the local state park and did some photography there. When I was working I couldn't take off work unexpectedly like that but I'm retired now, so it's just getting my lazy butt out of bed. Sometimes you're just lucky. REAL professionals probably make their luck by their watching the weather and planning.

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