diane arbus, nan goldin

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  1. Could someone tell me about contemporary artists doing work similar to work of Diane Arbus or Nan Goldin?
    (intimate nature of their photographs (especially nan goldin) is one thing, but I'm also looking for extraordinary environment as a subject, which extend intimacy, present in both arbus and goldin's work).
  2. I would not use the phrase "similar to work of Diane Arbus or Nan Goldin", but probably you will be interested in the work of Ryan McGinley, Bruce Gilden, Alec Soth, Larry Fink, Nina Berman, Martin Parr, and Dash Snow (deceased)
  3. Consider Debbie Fleming Caffery and Shelby Lee Adams.
  4. Mary Ellen Mark is always worth looking into.
  5. Try Catherine Opie and in a very different way Larry Trowell's "Canada". I also like Julie Blackmon "Domestic Variations" although it's composed scenes involving various extended family members, but really interesting.
  6. Vivian Maier.

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