Development of Ilford SFX 200

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by jiri_bichler, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Hi!
    Does anyone have any experience with processing this film in Rodinal?
    Is it a good combination or rather not reccomendable? If exposed at
    nominal speed, what could be the times? What agitation? Any other
    reccomendations for processing?
    Thanks, Jiri
  2. Take a look at the maddive dev chart and look under sfx 200. You will find that rodinal is a reccommended developer for SFX. However I remeber Ilford reccommending DD-X for that film. Look at the PDF on Ilfords site for more detail

    Massive dev chart

    Ilford film doc list.
  3. SFX is a very grainy film, and Rodinal will enhance the effect. D76 or XTOL might be a better choice, unless you a looking for the grainy look.
  4. Agfa also has the development sheets for rodinal and loads of films, including sfx, on its website.
  5. I found a handful of previous threads discussing SFX and Rodinal by searching using "SFX+Rodinal" as the search string.

    Here's one that mentions a specific suggestion for development time:
  6. I've used probably 40 rolls of SFX in the last 2 years or so, and my favorite developer for it is Ilford DD-X. Rodinal (I use the R09 label) is fine, but I haven't been as pleased with it - in my opinion, the midtones get rather lumped together with Rodinal/R09, and DD-X does a fine job of seperating them without emphasizing grain, or killing shadows or highlights.

    In fact, for most uses, I use DD-X nowadays. Rodinal/R09 is a favorite of mine for Foma T200, and Efke films.

  7. I used D76 1:1 & was satisfied with the results.
  8. I devved a roll recently in Ilford LC29 (their low cost dev) and was pleased with the results. I avoided Rodinal as I find results too grainy for speeds greater than 100iso (although that is a personal preference).

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