Developing time for Illfor HP5

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by habib_b, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. I have been told before that the correct developing time for Illford HP5 film
    is 5 minutes in D76 (1+0) I just wanted to make sure if that is the correct
    time for developing the film. Could some one please tell me if i have the
    developing time right? Thanks for your time.
  2. Hmm i have no experience with that combination, however from HP5 in stock D76 is 7.5 mins @ISO400.
  3. If DT recommends 7.5 minutes that is for a diffusion enlarger. For a condenser enlarger the correct time would be around 6 minutes but there are so many variables to be considered that these can only be recommended as starting points. Everyone's technique/equipment varies so you must develop you own personal times through trial and error.
  4. You can download the HP5+ info sheet from the Ilford web site. Use the development times specified for ID-11 (Ilford's equivalent to D-76).
  5. Habib
    6.0 mins @ 68c @ 400ASA will be fine 7.5 will give real punchy negs which you might like, but 6 mins is where I would be
    cheers Steve
  6. Steve...

    Do you really mean 68C?

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