Developing old HIE Infrared B&W Film.

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by david_wiinikka_lydon, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hello.
    I have a roll of HIE infrared film that is a few years old (I don't even know how old...maybe 8yrs!). I'm going to give it my best shot developing it and wondering if anyone has tips on timing/temperature and what developer might work best in this situation. It was refrigerated for most of that time which hopefully will help, but since I don't remember what the images are though, I won't cry about it (I hope).
    Also, in the past, I never seemed to have much luck getting the contrast I wanted, but the last time I actually developed infrared was, well....before the internet, so maybe new information will help. My experience level is pretty low, but I'm not a total novice either.
    I appreciate any info.
  2. Oh lord. Do you even remember what filter you used to shoot it with?
  3. David,
    I've looked back through my notebook and I have the following: - Kodak HIE at 400 ASA through an R25 red filter, developed in Rodinal at 1/50 dilution, 20 C, 11 minutes.
  4. Larry, I used a Tiffen Red #25 Filter.
    Chris...Thank you. It seems I at least got the filter right.
  5. If you have HC-110, it might minimize the base fog that has accumulated. But any of the developer/time combinations on that data sheet for gamma of 0.8 or less should be fine.
  6. I used to use Sprint developer 1:9 for 11 1/2 minutes - worked fairly well. Be prepared for big balls of grain. As my supply aged, it got grainier.
  7. You weren't the one who bought that one roll of Kodak HIE off ebay recently were you? Lol.
  8. LOL. No, Rebecca. I have had this roll of film lying around for a LONG time. Just finished developing it and can't wait to see what a contact sheet reveals. Looks pretty good, though I still can't quite figure out where/what it is.
    FYI, in case anyone cares...I soaked it in water for 3 minutes then used HC-110 (Dilution B) for 6 minutes at 68 degrees F. The rest(stop/fix etc) pretty standard.
    Thank you to everyone for your input. It was really helpful.
  9. At the risk of reviving an old thread, I just took the HIE roll I've had for a lot of years in the fridge (expired 8 years ago) and
    shot outside in my condo complex. I shot it using a Minolta auto meter calibrated for HIE's spectral sensitivity so my
    exposure was pretty much dead on. No compensation for cosmic rays or anything. Processed in D-76 and it came out
    great. I'm guessing the frozen stuff is ok too.

    It seems as though no-one really knows how long this stuff will really last, in the fridge or the freezer. Of course this isn't
    scientific so maybe the film has undergone some degredation, larger grain or something but it looks pretty normal to me.
    The expired TMAX 3200 was degraded. I shot it at 400 ISO and processed it in D76 as though I had shot it at 1600 and it
    came out pretty well, for TMAX 3200 which means grainy as heck. Reminded me of 2475 but maybe a little better.

    As I have shot some of the stuff in my fridge I find the color slides seem ok, but the color print isn't (usually). Black and
    white 400 or slower is usually ok. All the frozen black and white seems ok. Frozen slides are perfect (but then it's nearly
    all velvia). So far so good. My film cameras are getting a workout.

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