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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by db1, Jun 17, 2004.

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    I've got 20 rolls of this film and I thought maybe I should shoot

    Can anyone provide dev times and advice for this film in Rodinal and

  2. I have tried this film in Rodinal (1:50), Calbe A49 (1:1) and
    Pyrocat-HD ( 1:1:100). It is the same film as Efke 100. I wasn't
    that impressed with it in Rodinal, it was excessively grainy for
    35mm, more so than Tri-x in Rodinal. Calbe A49 1:1 was nice
    and this developer is much more similar to Xtol than Rodinal.
    I found the film speed in these various developers to be around
    EI:50-64. As far as processing goes I would do successive clip
    tests off a roll until you get the contrast you want. The processing
    time in A49 1:1 was around 8-9 minutes at EI: 50 @ 20 degrees.
    With Xtol 1:1 I would expect a shorter time ( maybe 6-7minutes
    as a starting point ) and a slightly higher EI (around 64-80).
  3. I have heard that Macophot UP100+ is repackaged Efke KB100 / R100. I've tried Efke R100 in Rodinal 1+50, 68 deg F / 20 deg C, and times probably need to be in the 7:00 to 10:00 range, depending on agitation, enlarger light source, etc. However, I think this combination is too grainy.

    Next time I shoot some Efke R100 (the only B&W film available in 127, so it's what I have to use), I think I will try it in HC-110. I figure it probably needs about 5:00 to 5:45 in Dilution B at 68 deg F / 20 deg C. That, however, is just an educated guess; I've never tried it. I know you specified Rodinal or Xtol, but HC-110 syrup (the U.S. version) supposedly lasts almost forever, and it's very economical.
  4. Dave -- When you do get around to trying the Efke 100 in HC-110, please post and let us know what you find (times/dilutions, etc.)
  5. Jordan, I'd be happy to report, but I started wondering, and did some additional digging on Efke R100. Based on some people finding speeds below EI 100 and the grain issue, I am wondering if I'd be happier just skipping the HC-110 and going straight to DD-X (which is the third film developer I keep around, in addition to Rodinal and HC-110). I figure DD-X would probably give something of a speed boost (which would be nice, as sometimes EI 100 is marginal) and also probably produce grain at least as fine as, if not somewhat finer than, HC-110. For starters, I'm estimating DD-X 1+4 for 6:00 at 68 deg F / 20 deg. C for EI 125. The loss might be a bit of acutance, plus the added cost of DD-X. Any thoughts (other than a fourth developer--not interested, at least for now)?
  6. Dave -- I've never used DD-X so I can't really comment. I've not found HC-110 (which I like a lot) to be horribly speed-reducing with HP5+ or FP4+ but Efke is another beast. My eventual plan is to use Gainer's Vitamin C-phenidone developer once I get things sorted out with that film.
  7. I bought a lot of this film from j and c a while back. I really like it in D76 for 12 min 68deg. I have tried it a couple of times in rodinal, and it is really grainy, but interesting. I think I used 1:25 for 13 min 68deg. I also over expose this film slightly about 1/2 stop. At the price I got this stuff for, I am not disappointed at all.
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    Well I just got done developing the film in xtol 1+1 for 8 @ 68. The negs are a tiny bit on the thin side so I think they could probably go a bit longer. Next time I will try 9 @ 68.

    I shot it at 100 asa in the strong NM sun. Tomorrow I will make contact sheets and report back.

    I too got this stuff very cheap and have no complaints.

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