Developing ECN-II

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  1. Is there anyone, anywhere, who knows of an organization that will develop ECN-II (Seattle Film Works)? Failing that, is there anyone who is aware of a kit or source for chemicals that one might use at home?

    Lou Lohman
  2. Actually, I have some sealed 200 PLUS some sealed 400, so i din't need any more ECN-II. What I want to do is try to get some ALREADY EXPOSED film processed. If I can. I have read that C-41 will work, but what about the backing on the film?
  3. ECN-II films either do not have a remjet backing or it is dye base that washes off in a prewash or in development. No extra steps needed.
  4. Last I tried it (when SFW was still selling it) the backing easily rubbed off in the rinse.
  5. SFC ECN-II in C41 at 85°F
    scanned as Generic positive film
    Scanned as generic color negative film

    Processed film has a heavy cast similar to a deep burgundy.
  6. I realized that the deep burgundy color may be the RemJet that needs to be removed after posting the previous.

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