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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by nazar_artykula, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. I'm looking into developing my own black and white film so I'm on the lookout for some tanks and chemicals. I'm having a hard time finding a decent online distributor (I'm in the UK). I'm really wanting to get a steel tank, but i want to be working with it in the daylight since i dont have a dark room but i do have a closet where i could probably load the film.
  2. Try Silverprint or Firstcall or 7 Day Shop or Calumet or e-bay or Jessops.
  3. Can't seem to find a retail store which would sell steel developing tanks.
  4. Hi Nazar
    Retro Photographic sell Hewes Stainless spirals. and used to sell Nikor tanks. They don't seem to list the tanks any more, but you could contact them and ask if they know where to get them?
    Agar Scientific sell stuff, possibly including spirals and tanks, but their on-line catalogue is only viewable on Internet Exprlorer, and I'm a firefox user!
    Any reason why you don't want to use plastic stuff? Paterson and other makes are readily available and work pretty well. I have only ever used plastic stuff myself.
  5. Oops - just saw the bit about no darkroom.
    You can use a (large) changing bag to load the spiral and tank with film. The plastic and steel tanks are both lightproof, so you can develop the film just about anywhere. I use a changing bag.

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