Developer- film combination

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  1. I use an agitation scheme that is close to what Ilford specifies, 4 inversions of my SS tank in 10 seconds per cycle. I perform one agitation cycle immediately after the developer is added, then 2 additional cycles each 30 seconds, after that one cycle each 60 seconds. I also run my chemistry @ 72F/22C (adjusting time according), and tend to overexpose about a half stop. I tend to get reasonably contrasty negatives with Ilfosol 1:19 and HP5+, so it seems one or more of my practices here are helping to that effect.
  2. I've used TriX 100 in Ilford DDX stand developed for 45mins @20c in a Patterson tank. Only agitation is 10 times at the start of the process then that's it. Mixture ratio is 1:9.
    I agree it's not a cheap developer but it works great. Grain is minimal and has good contrast. scan greenwich 002.jpg
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  3. Where are you getting that TriX 100?
  4. Perhaps it's meant to be "T-Max" 100
  5. The edge markings certainly look like TMX 100, but where's the '5052' marking?

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