Developed my first roll on T-Max 400

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by michael_ferron|1, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Thanks to those who gave me advice. This was developed in Tmax
    developer at 6 minutes and 69 degrees F. Nothing artistic here just a
    test shot but any helpful hints on getting good developing results
    would be appreciated. My only nit is this looks very grainy.
  2. Title should have said my first roll "of" T-Max. :0
  3. That looks pretty grainy.

    Off hand, I'd suggest sticking a thermometer in your tank during development, and monitoring possible temperature creep. TMAX, in my own experience and by many accounts, is a fine if somewhat pricey developer. I imagine that finer grain should be achievable.

  4. That looks like a direct scan of the negatives. Prints from properly developed TMY are seldom that grainy. Even my 11x14 prints from TMY pushed to 1600 in Microphen aren't that grainy. But some film scanners exaggerate grain.
  5. TMY is my favorite film. I'm just beginning to learn about film scanning, and agree that the process can exagerate grain. I'm attaching a scan of TMY in my own fine grain developer. The film is 35mm TMY developed in Secret Sauce for 8min./80F, and scanned with a plustek opticfilm 7200 film scanner at 1800 dpi with SilverFast SE. There is much more grain in the scan than in the print made from the same neg. Jay
  6. I use a lot of tmax 400 since I got a load cheaply. Developed in Rodinal 1:50 is nice. See [ ] - although this is med format.
    Otherwise, I like Aculux2 or FX-50
  7. What kind of developer are you using? D76 full strength doesn't show grain until over 10X enlargment. With Acufine, upwards of 16X to show grain.

    If you are using Tmax developer, that would explain it, Kodak has found the secret of bad grain in that soup, with any kind of film, although Tmax developer will result in a film speed increase.

  8. Tmax developer was used. This shot looks much better in the grain dept. IMO. Think the first shot was underexposed in-camara.
  9. Oh yeah, the second one looks really pretty! I have come to really like working with TMax
    film. Nice, nice!

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