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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by sergio_godoy, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Hi! there, there is anyone so kind to recommend me developing time
    for Tmax-100 using d-76 1+1?
    thank you
  2. The D-76 pack has the times. The film box has the times I think, although maybe not for that dilution. The Kodak website has the times. Just be sure you pick the right T-Max 100 as there are several on the books. Especially careful you get the right T-Max 100 Professional or Professional T-Max 100. One replaced the other I think. Be careful with your temperatures.
  3. I've souped TMAX for about 9 minutes in D-76 with good tonality. However, I find that TMAX is fairly grainy and ugly in general in D-76.

    I now develop TMAX in XTOL. My time is about 7:30 and I think it looks much, much better than D-76. I would recommend giving the XTOL a shot.
  4. I second the TMax in D-76 is ugly. I have a few rolls of nudes that I shot (the real shots were on PanF but I had some TMax around so why not) and threw them in D-76 for tones and the grain structure is almost entirely ugly.
  5. Gotta disagree with Scott and Pat. I usually develop TMX in ID-11 @ 1:1 and get excellent results with extremely fine grain. As with most processing, don't develop any longer than necessary if you wish to preserve the finest grain at a reasonable contrast level.
  6. This string is long dead but...for what its worth, I also get excessive grain when
    processing Tmax in D76 1:1. I use Tmax developer with good results.

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