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  1. I am old BW shooter. Mostly 35.
    Have trove of various medium format exposed film from parent, from 1940s and 50s, mostly in 120, some 620,
    Was kept in drawer by procrastinating parent,
    Shot mostly in Korelle camera and maybe film pack on back of 4x5 Graflex, May have couple rolls of oddball size from 30s/40s.
    Guessing the the film was exposed at standard ASA (ISO) designations.
    I think it is all Kodak film.
    Am thinking I should use a mild sort of devleper, but maybe not. For all I know film is shot. But, have to do it....
    Been doing digital for some time and plan to devlop the film and if decent, scan and run prints.
    Any suggestions as to developer, etc from anyone. I must bow to the experience here. I have read the theads and am impressed with the experience.
  2. You might try asking this question in the Film and Processing forum. You're more likely to get the attention needed there than in this forum.
  3. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    in the darkroom... cut a small section off the film n process it normally. then after inspection, adjust your process till you get it right. it may take a couple trys.

    d76, microdol or hc110 are all good. use what ever you have.
  4. SCL


    Gene M., who used to appear regularly in this forum, developing 20-30 year old films for many people, much preferred HC110 and almost always got usable results from what should have been impossible situations.
  5. HC110 is the go-to for old film. Expect the film to be fairly fogged after all this time, but you could still get visible images.
  6. I really miss Gene M.
    For a long time, his web site still had his wonderful essays on "found film", but I've been looking just now and couldn't find them. However, his posts here on are listed at gene m
  7. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

  8. His stuff is still up at
  9. Thanks Jim, I somehow missed it...

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