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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by bekhanaro, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Curious how far everyone pushes the detail slider in lightroom. Due to the 30MP sensor in the R I've hovered around the 60-70 mark depending on the ISO levels. Is there a metric you follow? Would you ever push it to 100? Thanks in advance.

    PS - No matter the detail slider, I never push the sharpness past 50.
  2. issue got solved!
  3. I have a 5D MK IV, I believe a similar 30MP sensor to the R. I never move the detail slider, o (Zero) in my opinion, use it if you want to bring out noise. You should be able to push sharpness to 70. I never go higher. Really if you want crazy sharp images, use sharp lenses and nail focus and no motion blur. Sometimes I will use a little clarity tool, bring up shadows and drop highlights a hair to increase dynamic range and maybe a touch of black and vibrance, but it all depends on the image.At 30 MP, I wouldn't stress about a little more sharpness and detail. How big are you printing these. It is more about the subject, good composition and light than anything. You are the only one who will be pixel peeping. ;)
  4. Interesting to read viewpoints. My 'usual' setting for detail is 50 -I think I read somewhere that is the midpoint for LR's use of contrast vs psf (that's point spread function, and no, I don't understand it, nor am I sure that my memory is factual). I use higher than most people's # for amount - usually 100; but I combine it with a small (usually 0.5) radius, and mask never less than 50, usually ~70. Noise depending on the picture, and noise subnuances are a mystery. This is with a D810 36 mp sensor, and surprisingly(?) not that different reprocessing older images from 12mp D300

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