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  1. I have a friend who is organizing a large family reunion in south
    Denver at a hotel at the Denver Tech Center in June. She's looking
    for a reliable photographer (professional or good amateur) who is
    willing to take approx. 2-3 hours worth of both candid photos and
    family/group photos.

    If you or someone you know is interested or you have a good
    recommendation, I would appreciate it. Leave your information here
    or email me and I'll pass along the information to do what she will
    at her discretion. She'd likely need to see a sample photo gallery
    of some of your work and will probably need to know your philosophy
    on doing such photographic work in this type of social setting.

    You can discuss payment options with her if she contacts you but my
    guess is that she wants to keep it probably around $300 something or
    that ballpark plus additions per family. Again, you'd need to
    discuss it with her - I'll just pass your information on to her.

    Thanks a million!
  3. Don - Have your friend email me. I am in the metro area and getting my business up and running. I have done weddings, reunions and parties, as well as portrait (studio and onsite). I am an advanced amateur I guess. Wouldn't quite classify me as a professional, although some of my customers would argue with that. I do this part time (as I establish clients) and my basic philosophy is to capture the shots that they tell me they want, then get the ones they want without telling me...all without being intrusive. I also have a philosophy that everyone should be able to afford a photographer. So my popular option is $100/hour for unlimited number of shots, then all images are burned onto a CD with a copyright release and the customer can do their own prints. In the end it's cheaper all around (usually around $3-400), there is more flexibility for the customer (print, email, CD, etc) and it really gives the customer a sense of freedom and less stress in "choosing" just a few shots or poses. I would be more than happy to discuss this more if she would like. Thanks! Jennifer
  4. These are a few examples. ps - my email is
  5. one more
  6. Thanks to the both of you. I will forward this information for my friend to review. Much appreciated!

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