Demonic L 358 puzzle

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by royall_berndt, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. I can't find the lumigrid for this meter, and I remember having one once. Were the grids stored inside the meters or cases, or were they a loose part?
  2. There's a pocket at the front of the supplied Sekonic case, under the closure flap. It's meant for storing the Lumigrid or Lumisphere when not in use.

    If it's not in there it could be anywhere.:(
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  3. I woke up this morning to recall putting it in a particular plastic bag. Now to find the bag!
  4. I couldn't find the bag, so I spent 25 bucks for a replacement. Two days after receiving the gadget, I found the original in a bag I hadn't remembered. Screwed again!
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  5. Now you have a spare!
  6. A few years ago I could not find the tool for unscrewing the retaining ring of large format lenses. After I bought a new one, I went to put it in my cabinet and set it right on top of the one I could not find! I am forgetful, but at least I'm organized!
  7. I could not find mine either and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure if it ever came with one ? The "Lumigrid" is used for reflective light metering , while the white bulb is for incident light metering. Maybe the Lumigrid came in the box, or maybe it was an accessory you had to purchase separately. I purchased my L 358 back in 2010 so I don't remember.

    In any case they are not manufactured anymore and trying to find a Used one online is like trying to break into Fort Knox. It took me 3+ months to finally get my hands on one, the cost was a whopping $50. The bad is that it does not fit inside the pouch for the L 358 , perfect for losing it again !
  8. Well I guess the OP would be willing to sell you one of his for $25.
  9. My used Minolta Autometer IVF didn't come with the reflective metering baffle. I ordered one at a very reasonable price from a local photo-dealer (back when we still had such things). However, it took weeks to arrive, due to supply problems in Japan apparently.

    This was years ago, and I must have used that reflective adapter all of 4 times since!

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