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  1. Hello,

    I am traveling to India early July and will be entering and exiting the country through Delhi. I plan to arrive in the early opening hours and
    then have two days blocked off to go to Agra and back. Then I'll be flying to Chennai for business and back to Delhi for abut a day or two
    before destination gofer the US.

    I've seen some info for getting a car to Agra, but most seem to be day trips. As I LAN to stay overnight in Agra, I'm wondering how best to
    go from Delhi to Agra, then see Agra, then get back.

    I've decided to take a car so I really need info on this approach, not train or flight.

  2. Hire a taxi. They are not that expensive under $100 US,
  3. There should be any number of travel services in Delhi to set this up ahead of time for you. You get a car and driver - even optional guide if so inclined. They book you a hotel and you are all set - the driver will take you anywhere you arrange and stop whenever you want for photos along the way. Price will vary the most based on hotel you choose and to a lesser degree the type of car. The old Ambassadors are pretty much gone and you'll no doubt get a nice ride.
    Here is a company a few of us worked with in February for a pretty wide excursion, all went very well, but again there are several dozen you could work with, many of the pricey hotels will arrange for this type of travel as well -
    Far Horizons Tours Pvt. Ltd.
    B-209 Cr Park
    New Delhi 110019
    Phone: +91-129-40980000

    A few points to consider -
    • Delhi in July will be incredibly HOT! Even the locals get edgy given the weather. Do not plan on too many activities outside. Make sure your car and hotel have good A/C. I cannot imagine what Chennai is going to be like.

    • If you have not traveled much on India's highways, and especially this stretch, be prepared for some thrills. As vehicles pull out to pass the long line of trucks in front of them, the same is happening in the other direction and you will experience many games of chicken on the drive. Your driver will be much more conservative than the buses etc. but sometimes things happen - notice the number of trucks overturned on their sides as you speed along.

    • Agra itself is a pretty dismal town. You might try and arrange to get there and visit the Taj in the evening, see it again in the early morning and then just get out of town.... As you have probably seen, interesting photos await if you go across the river behind and shoot from there. Pollution remains a real problem and there is no telling what the sky will be like when you are there. Do get there early, the Taj is a huge draw to Indians as well and it gets very crowded.
  4. Just to add to the good suggestions given by Jeff:
    I assume you'll be staying at a very decent hotel, since you're going there on a business trip. The hotel is sure to have a travel desk or at least have good contacts with a reputable travel agency. Just talk to the hotel and book a good A/C car with a driver. It's best to leave very early in the day or late in the night to avoid the heat and traffic. Also, try to get in line for the Taj first thing in the morning. You should try to get in as quickly as possible to get your shots without the people. Other places to visit in Agra are the Agra Fort, Baby Taj and the view of Taj from across the river. The last two are fairly close. Your entire trip with a night's stay in Agra shouldn't cost more than $200.Delhi itself has some pretty interesting spots like the Qutb Minar and Red Fort. Try to drink Coconut Water to avoid heat stroke.
    Also, when you head down to Chennai try and visit Mammalapuram or Mahabalipuram. It's only an hour away and has incredible monolithic stone carvings. Enjoy your stay in India!
  5. The IndiaMike site is a good resource for anyone traveling to the sub-continent.
    link -->
    Have a great trip!
  6. Thanks to all for the assistance!

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