Deleting Rude Comments from my site?

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by bruckner, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. How do I delete someone else rude Nazi comments from image I have posted and how do I block this user from my site? Thank you
  2. Sandy Vongries

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    Start a conversation with me, attach a link to the image in question, and I'll take a look and see if I can do something for you.
  3. Thank you I already removed the unwanted comments between two members that were flaring up in regards to one of my images I have posted. Is there a way I could ban a member from any of my future posts?
  4. I hadn't been aware of your work before noticing this thread, but looking at your incredible portfolio, I can see how it would attract negative comments from the unread, the unfeeling, the fearful and the easily led.

    Your photographs reflect artistic effort of the highest caliber, and I hope you can continue to weather the barbs of the unworthy.
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  5. This reminds me of what my mother told me a long time ago. "When you point your finger at someone else you have three fingers pointing back at yourself"
    Another thing that I learned over time is ..
    Most people are more critical of themselves than of others. With that being said just imagine how those nasty critics feel about them selves. They must be miserable.
  6. Very creative work OP!

    I like political comix. I have a lot of strong political comix, but can't put them up anyplace for fear of being banned. Politics bring out the worse in people.

    I don't care about comments. Someone on a forum called me a mouth breather. I plan to have my artist make a stupid looking mouth breather comix and use it on my films...'a mouth breather film' or 'a mouth breather production.' I'm of the school of Robert Crumb with my comix.

    If someone called me a Nazi, I'd make some art on it. Cowards behind the keyboard don't bother me.
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  7. Had to see what the fuss was about. Your work seems like a cathartic means for you to express your take on politics. I applaud such a use of photography. I see it more as I would political cartoons, which has a long, rich, necessary tradition. Keep doing what you want. The only advice I have is to leave stupid comments right where they are. Those with half a brain will know just how stupid they are and will reveal the writers of those comments to be just what they are. Why hide that? Those voices indict themselves, not you. Your work has already risen above them. And that can become, as has been suggested already, part of the power of your work. When it stands beside ugly comments, it only adds power to your work by contrast. We are made stronger not by silencing voices of unreason but by unmasking them and revealing how low and depraved some of those voices actually are. Their depravity will speak loud and clear. That’s much better than silence.
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