Deleting "preview" and "smart preview" folders in Lr 7.2 SAFE?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by peter_arbib|1, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. From what I understand, Lr builds these files when needed, So, if I delete them, Lr should rebuild them when I open a folder that I haven't edited for a long time. I do have a finished JPG of all the edited files.

    I could recover over 6GB of space by deleting them. Folders that I haven't used and may not open them in Lr for a while, I see no reason to save these previews.......My external hard drive has 485GB free on a 1.8TB drive.

    Not sure if setting a 30day limit in the setting is long enough.

    Advise please.
  2. Previews yes. You can delete them to save space and if you revisit the image, it will be rebuilt which will slow down the initial operations. Up to you. I keep them but don't back them up as they can be regenerated. That said, with a decent sized library, rebuilding all could take days. So if the 30 day limits isn't long enough, keep them! And get a much bigger drive.... :)
  3. I do need to get a larger external drive.....I have a 2tb (3/4 full, mostly photos) now, but, I'll get a 8tb or 12tb
    My Library has 75k in photos. (but I keep the RAW, Lr JPG, and Ps JPG if I require Ps editing

    I thought there was a "delete in XX days... but I can't find it....
    Yes, rebuilding ALL previews would a LONG TIME!
    Best leave it alone.......
  4. You have some options to auto delete such as after one day, one week or 30 days or never; that's it.
    Catalog Settings, File Handling.
  5. I believe that option is for the 1:1 previews only. The Standard Previews (Large, Medium, or Small) are retained forever.
  6. Yes, they have to be retained or you'd see nothing outside Develop Module.
  7. That is all I use, 1:1 previews with Smart previews also.....

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