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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by richard_longthorpe, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Hi

    The camera that I recently bought is nikon D70. I was uploading photos to the
    computer but it seems I clicked something and old photos were uploaded to my
    camera from the computer. When I upload new photos to the computer each time
    it now brings up the option to uppoad the old photos too. It seems the photos
    are stored on the actual camera rather than the memory card. I have deleted
    all the photos from the memory card but the camera still has the old photos
    stored. Can any tell me how to delete photos from the actual camera and not
    the memory card. Any help would be greatly appreciated as uploading photos to
    the computer is taking so long as it is transferring the old photos too.

    Kind regards

  2. I would think that formatting the card 'in camera' should take care of this.
  3. The camera cannot store photos, only the memory card can. Like Todd said, format the card in the camera after downloading to the computer.
  4. The D70 gives you the option to "lock" photos on the card (you will see a little key in the corner of the LCD for locked photos). It is very easy to accidentally lock photos because the lock button is directly above the zoom button when you are reviewing photos in the LCD.

    I bet you have a bunch of locked images that are never getting deleted... unlock them and delete them... and all will be well (until the next time you accidentally lock some more)


  5. As said, there is no storage on this camera other than the CF card. So any images uploaded
    from the PC to the camera are theoretically on the CF card. Formatting the card in the D70
    will wipe out any images on the CF card.

    My advice to you is to get a card reader that will allow you to download images from the CF
    card to the computer, without having to use the camera as a device.
  6. It seems like, back when I used NikonView, that it would show the thumbnails of the photos from the previously downloaded shots. That may be what you are seeing. What happens when you click on the download button? They should be replaced by the photos on the card, if this is the case.

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