Decided I better join and pay for all the help I've been getting

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  1. I've been around the site for a couple of years, but just recently became a member. I just get a LOT of help from reading the forums and looking at the photos from other members. And I've really enjoyed being involved in some of the forums, and posting to some threads. Its good to know there's a community out there with similar habits, although with the daily discourse you'd sometimes wonder if we share any common perspectives!! Just kidding of course, I like the honest and heartfelt discussions and certainly spend too much time digging through the forums already.
    I am currently in Vancouver, moved back here last year after 10 years in northern Virginia. I am definitely an amateur, but I think the results are improving since I got into serious digital a few years ago (not an attempt to get a film vs digital thing going - just a comment on my experience) because I have so much more freedom to try things and not have the same cost penalty for every click of the shutter. It has been great to combine my enjoyment of travel with photography, and my other much more expensive pasttime of auto racing where the camera is (trust me) the cheapest part.
    My job keeps me on the road much of the time, and has done that for nearly 30 years. So the PN community is the first real "camera club" that I've been able to join, contribute to and learn from. This may be one of the best experiences available on the web, and my hat is off to the people who organized this and make it work every day. Thanks for the experience, and the opportunity.
  2. I am currently in Vancouver, moved back here last year after 10 years in northern Virginia.​
    Good luck over the next few weeks. I can't imagine that the Olympics are going to be much fun for the locals up there.
  3. rookie posting error
  4. Being around Vancouver is going to "entertaining" I'm sure. We decided to engage in the process, so we've got tickets and some friends coming to town. And I've already checked on what camera gear / bags will get checked, so hopefully there will be some Olympic-sized pictures in our future.

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