Decent Film supply & D&P service in Alberta Canada

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by franka t.l., Mar 6, 2005.

  1. To all all reside in that great province, I am noe planning a trip
over to the Banff & Jasper National park, with some stay over at
Edmonton & Calgary. Haven't been there for a long time, what would be
a good place to pick up films ( 120 format Fuji Reala, Velvia 100F and
Astia 100F ) locally and have them D&P 

  2. Franka,

    <p>I'm not sure what (if anything) is available in Jasper or Banff, but in Edmonton check out Don's Photo, Carousel, and if you don't find it with one of them, McBain Camera. Service at McBain sucks, so I recommend the other two first. Of the three, I'm pretty sure that Carousel is the only one that will do E-6 120 on site, so check with them about getting your slides done. Don's can do it on a 3 business day turnaround, via their Calgary lab.

    <p>As for film, all three should have Reala and Velvia 100F, but Astia is hard to get in 120 around here. Maybe McBains, but I know that neither Don's nor Carousel stock it as regular a item. You might have better luck getting Astia in Calgary.

    <p>In Calgary, Don's does 120 E-6 onsite. I have no idea about what else is available in Calgary, so one of my neighbours to the south can no doubt fill you in.

    <p>Have a good time, and pack twice as much film as you think you'll need. The Rocky Mountains are amazing.

    <p>Jordan R. Urie<br>
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  3. Colorfast does 120 E6 on site as well, and that's where most other places in Edmonton (except Carousel) send theirs out to, including McBain. However, Colorfast's main store is out of the way, and their film selection is lacking. Carousel's E6 is same day if you hand it in before noon as well. The main McBain store (107th ave, 108 St.) has the best selection of film in the city, and should have Astia 100F.

    Have fun!
  4. Hi Jason & Jordan,

    Thanks for the update, so things still much the same ( I used to spend 6 years over there in Edmonton when I am doing my College in U of A ), and yes I know how the scenery are ( been there ) I will plan my trip accordingly ....
  5. In Calgary, visit The Camera Store for film and equipment; first rate service and pricing and I believe they have processing. A few short blocks to the west is Vistek which has a very good on site lab. There is also a Dons in Calgary from which I hear favorable comments but I have not used them yet. All three of these facilities are within 10 blocks of each other.
    Enjoy your trip!
  6. Franka,

    In Edmonton, go to McBain's head store on 107th Avenue. They will always have what you need.

    Carousel also carries a good stock of 120 films. You can call them to see if they have what you want: (780) 424-7161 or 1-800-897-1844 (within Canada only).

    Carousel does all their processing in-house, and McBain sends most of their processing out (I think to Colourfast?) so you'll probably get better service and quicker results from Carousel.


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