Death of the F mount

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  1. yes, I am!
  2. When is that as a calendar date, and how many have we got so far?
  3. I make it 15 and 2 TCs....:)
  4. Nikon fiscal year is 31 Mar 2022
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  5. OK, so 15 more lenses in, err, 9 months...

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  6. If we consider the 28 SE, 16-50 SE as separate lenses then those added to the current roadmap bring the total to 29. So one more lens that is not mentioned in the roadmap to be unnounced to get to 30.

    However, still if it was referring financial year and not calendar year 2022 then there should be a big launch rush quite soon to get the roadmapped but not launched lenses to the market. I think end of calendar year 2022 is more likely.
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  7. I have just gotten interested in astro photography and while my D600 does an OK job there are better ones out there since I am now in polar opposites to my past ie extremely high ISOs than my usual previous landscapes at base ISO. Which has questioned me; how long can people hold onto their dSLRs for the next 10 or 15yrs? And should Nikon and Canon stop or limit financing R/D with their SLRs.
  8. As long as it keeps working.
    I kept my D70 for about 14 years, until it died on me. My other D70 still works, but it is rarely used.

    As long as there is enough $ to be made off the dSLR market it makes sense to support it.
    But it was hard enough with FX and DX dSLRs, multiply it by two with FX and DX mirrorless, and the development effort goes up.
    So at a certain point they have to fully transition to mirrorless, and stop development on dSLR gear.
    In between there will be a gradual transition, which I think is happening now, with less F gear in development, and more Z gear in development.

    But the Z system has to be complete enough to switch to, before they can pull the plug on the F systems. Example, there are currently only TWO DX Z lenses vs. over a dozen DX F lenses. So the DX Z lens landscape has to be fleshed out, before they can really pull the plug on the DX dSLRs. Same with the cameras. There really is only the Z50 DX camera, Nikon needs the Z equivalent of the D3xxx entry level camera, to sell in the big box/warehouse stores.

    Systems transitions are difficult.
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  9. How long CAN they hold on? Until the camera stops working, due to breakdown, unavailability of battery, or unavailability of media. How long will they hold on is a more interesting question. For the real professionals, the people who make their living by photography, until the DSLR no longer takes the images they need, or until another system takes the images more economically and allows higher profits after the cost of upgrade.

    For the dilettante, until they feel peer pressure, and they must have the latest and greatest.
  10. It would be interesting to ask in 2030 or 2035 if they are still only using Nikon dSLRs.

    There are a number of duplication in those F DX lenses thou like the super wide zooms and the 18-55mm's, and the 55-200mm and the 70-300mm. Z DX have already the mid zoom lens right and a Z DX tele zoom.
  11. I predict this thread will outlive the F-mount. The F-mount is dead, long live the Z-mount!
  12. Yes, there are dupes in the F DX lenses, which is why I just said more than a dozen, vs the 26 F DX lenses that are on Nikon's web site.

    Just TWO Z DX lenses, leaves a LOT of holes to fill.

    Sorry but I don't consider the Z DX 16-50 "right." It is nice to see the 18-55 pushed down to 16, but that does not make it "right."
    For ME, the long end stopping at 50, is too short. Even shorter than the current 18-55, where you are rather quickly forced to switch to a longer lens.
    If it went out to 80 (or longer), THEN for me it would be a good lens.
    I much rather prefer the 18-140 that I currently have on my D7200, as a GP lens. And the 18-140 is on the Z DX roadmap.
    If I were to get a Z DX camera, it will be with the 18-140 lens.
    Like the old 80/20 rule, the 18-140 covers more than 80% of my "normal" shooting needs.​

    The Z DX 50-250 is close enough on the long end to displace the F DX 70-300, so we'll call that good.

    They need an ultra-wide like the 10-20 or 10-24. Nikon has it for F DX.

    Long term, they need a set of FAST zooms.
    • A 16-50/2.8 (a DX equiv to the FX 24-75, Nikon has a F DX 17-55/2.8),
      • I use a Tamron F DX 17-50/2.8.
    • A longer 16-80/2.8 (a DX equiv to the FX 24-120. Nikon has a F DX 16-80/2.8-4),
      • This would be my "fast" alternate lens to the 18-140, to get with a Z DX camera.
    • A 40-150/2.8 (a DX equivalent to the FX 70-200/2.8, which Nikon has frustratingly NEVER made for the DX users).
      • The closest "in production" lens is the Tamron F FX 35-150/2.8-4.
      • Due to lack of options at the time, I got a Nikon F FX 70-200. If the Tamron lens was available when I bought the 70-200, I would have bought the Tamron instead.
    • A 24/1.8 moderate wide (a DX equivalent to the FX 35)
    • A 35/1.8 normal (Nikon has one for F DX)
      • I got the 35, only because Nikon did/does not have a F DX 24/1.8.
    • A 60/1.8 short tele
      • I use a F FX 50/1.8 on my D7200
    • Nikon released a compact Z FX 28/2.8 that they are marketing with the DX Cf camera.
      • Great for a compact lens.
      • But f/2.8 is relatively slow for a prime. Get me down to at least f/2.
    A macro lens would be needed to flesh out the system. Nikon has it for F DX.
    The Z FX 50 macro would work.
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  13. While there is a F mount DX 17-55mm F2.8 that lens was never updated by Nikon. Some might argue that now that there are FX cameras if people wanted such a DX lens Nikon would indirectly tell them to go with FX F mount or Z mount.

    Z FX mount there is a 24mm F1.8. I just checked. The F mount 24mm F1.8 is a FX lens also.

    Yep they need to add a super wide zoom 10-24 DX kinda lens and a 35mm DX lens. Maybe a 40mm Z macro.
  14. The 28 mm f/2.8 and 50 mm f/2.8 are quite compact and lightweight, I think DX Z users should be reasonably happy with the compromise. Not dedicated DX lenses but then again mixed format (FX+DX) users will be happy that they can use most lenses on both FX and DX cameras, saving money and hassle.

    I hope Nikon continues to make more compact primes along with the high-end S-line lenses. A lot of people appreciate compact kit.
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  15. So what is your prediction? When the F mount is dead, Fmount lenses will be cheaper or more expensive? I would still use F mount forever but need to know when should I buy the lenses.
  16. For now Nikon still sell more F-mount than Z-mount cameras, as far as I know. I think talk of the death of F mount is a bit premature. I like DSLRs and optical viewfinders and intend to keep using them for the next 20 years. After that it depends on my health whether I am shooting at all. At some point I have to stop shooting in order to have enough time to organize and edit my pics.

    I will acquire a small amount of Z-mount gear to cover such applications as silent photography. For now the 1/38s read time of the Z6 sensor is not fast enough to avoid all rolling shutter and banding problems that may occur but it may be adequate for some semi-static situations in natural light. At least 1/38s is faster than the Z50 or Z7 II's sensor read times. Ideally the silent shutter would be as fast as the mechanical shutter or a global shutter where each of the photosites is read at the same time. Then there would not be any problems with shutter-induced vibration or banding or rolling shutter issues, and fast shutter speeds could be used for flash as well, without special high-speed sync techniques.

    I recently bought a second D850 to ensure that I can keep using my F-mount system without too much compromise even in the unfortunate event that Nikon might close their business. It works splendidly.

    I would expect second-hand prices of F-mount gear to decrease over time in general, but a lot of this already happened as some users have moved to Sony, Fuji or Canon (or Z mount) and people have sold some of their older gear. Some items will remain expensive if they are rare and in demand. But anyway, it makes sense to budget-conscious users to take advantage of the second hand market. For Nikon this can be a bit of a problem as the new gear may seem really expensive compared to second hand products. For example a 200-400/4 could be purchased for 1000€. Try to sell a 11500€ 180-400/4 in the presence of such competition from their own previous products.
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  17. What are you after specifically?

    For something like the F mount 105mm 1.4E, I'm surprised Nikon don't make a Z mount version with a fixed extension tube. I know there will be those that are F and Z users, so can use the lens with the FTZ, but their number will quickly diminish.... and although the FTZ works, it's an ugly great lump.

    Or maybe Nikon is going to make an E-Only FTZ with no mechanics.... AKA a 30.5mm extension tube with simple pass-through connections.!!
  18. I want some long lenses. Perhaps some older 300mm f/2.8 or 600mm f/5.6 or something like that. I am after the older versions. I want the lenses with aperture ring so I can use them on my F3 as well.
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  19. ....with any comms 'translation' chip added of course.....;)
  20. For Z mount, Nikon seem to use dual stepper motors in many of their larger lenses. Stepper motors require smaller (lighter) focus groups and this solution involves two focus groups and two motors (instead of one focus group with large elements, two smaller ones are used). This would mean redesigning the optics of the lens to suit a Z-friendly focus motor solution. It's unlikely that they'd produce native Z mount lenses that aren't optical redesigns to take advantage of both the short flange distance as well as to make the optics compatible with the motor solution that is more mirrorless-friendly. Notice how quiet the Z lenses are when focusing? It's almost like there isn't even a whisper.

    The 105/1.4, nice as it is, has a major issue with cat's eyes in the out-of-focus highlights and swirly appearance of the out-of-focus areas in many situations. I believe they can alleviate this issue greatly by taking advantage of the larger diameter of the Z mount. But it may not be their first priority to redesign a relatively recent lens like the 105/1.4.
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