Death of the F mount

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  1. I tried both.
    Sigma drove me nuts. The Sigma zoom ring turns in the opposite direction than the Nikon zoom ring. :confused:
    If you shoot action and zoom with muscle memory, it get confusing and frustrating, when you keep turning the zoom ring the wrong way. I gave up in frustration after 15 minutes.
    But, if not fast action, then turning the zoom ring the wrong way only cost a little more time, not a lost shot.

    The Tamron zoom ring turns in the same direction as the Nikon zoom ring. :)

    So Sigma for Canon, and Tamron for Nikon.
  2. So try the Tamron. I like my Tamron 70-200 on my D750. The AF is just fine. When it misses, it is usually me,
  3. I think it's the Sigma reverse engineering of the Nikon AF.... and fast moving action.
    I have no problem with the ring direction, but the focusing right past/through a very obvious BIF, repeatedly, got a bit tiresome. I tried all of the AF modes, but initial lock was a real issue for it.
    Usually, I'd suspect me being the problem, but I never had AF issues with the previous VRii, just a bit soft wide open at the long end.
    Up to 135mm is was stellar, but my shooting sometimes needed the extra reach. I resorted to cropping rather than use the glass.
    There are some very good grey deals for the last (!) F mount FL E version.
    Supposedly the Z version is a tiny bit better, but it won't fit my D500 or D850...;)
  4. Or rather MP3 downloads are outselling both CDs and LPs by a huge margin. And how easy is it to buy sensitised glass plates? Gun cotton and ether to coat your own wet plates? Mercury and silver coated metal plates for your Daguerreotypes?

    Sure, you can't buy 3.5" floppy disks or Smartmedia cards anymore, but nothing lasts forever. Otherwise we'd still be using flint tools and living in caves.
  5. If and when Nikon and other manufacturers decide to stop making F mount lenses the F mount cameras and all the lenses that are out and about will not disappear in a big hurry. The "death of the F mount" is something that will happen much later, if at all.

    Musings about horse carts, CDs etc. serve little purpose, because almost none of those ancient things have ever disappeared, and there is no telling what of the things around today will really 'die' and disappear.
    Things change, yes. Film, for instance, is still available, but its position on the market has changed quite a bit. Who knows where it will be in 20 years from now? Rodeo Person holds strong opinions, but can predict the future as much as he can appreciate the current situation, i.e. not very well.
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  6. With music, the distribution channels changed; this happened also with photography when photographers moved from film to digital and publication partly moved from paper to online publishing. With film the process is very different from that of digital and the disappearance of processing labs and the time and cost of transferring the images to the digital domain made it difficult to use in a time- and cost-effective manner, thus the use of film cameras diminished. On the other hand, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras use the same media, same software tools, same distribution channels for the images, thus there is no reason a person cannot use DSLRs as long as they like and the cameras are operational. Some use film for effect, some use it to avoid having to do digital processing, and some for just playing around, but the extra costs would be hard to put on a customer's bill, and generally better quality can be achieved easier with digital. The difference between DSLRs and mirrorless is rather a minor one and the workflow is the same. The choice boils down to costs (of purchasing new equipment) and personal preferences (EVF vs. OVF; availability of certain features). It's a bit like the difference between manual and automatic transmission (which only affects the driving experience) rather than a large fundamental one between cars that use fossil fuels vs. electric cars where again the distribution network has to change.
  7. I guess to many something is death if they are no longer made and I do think Nikon will stop making the F mount lenses in the future.
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  8. That may be. And from then on noone can use F mount cameras and lenses anymore, because they get disgustingly soft and smelly.
  9. Which is definitely not true but it's true that many people consider if manufacturers stop making something it's dead. Not me though.
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  10. Is that the users or the F mount cameras and lenses??

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  11. There we go with the childish personal insults again!

    Carry on q.g. With any luck it'll get you removed from the fora, and your mainly useless input along with you.
  12. I think the old Vinyl v Digital analogy is very similar to the modern ultra sharp Sigma Art lenses v the old AI lenses idea.
    Some prefer the character of Vinyl and AI lenses.
    The fact that it is audio and optical flaws that make that character, is an irrelevance.
    It's very much a personal preference.
    So far the Z lenses are optically superior to their F mount equivalents.
    Interestingly, I haven't read many 'soulless' descriptions of them. Maybe they've found a sweet spot?
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  13. Yes, there we go. In your frequently expressed opinion most people are deluded and need to move with the times. Your strong opinion is not capable of acknowledging that things aren't going quite the way you think.
    As you have demonstrated in this thread once again. You are wrong, Rodeo Person. You constantly think that because you have a particular opinion about anything, it must be shared by everyone as a factual believe. Or else... in this thread those who don't agree with you are at the level of cavemen.
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  14. Camera companies just trying to force an upgrade, or not as much of upgrade, as just costly switch, new camera, new lenses.
    All I personally want, is simple camera without video, with really good AF, old style dials and short menu, with reasonable price, also nice set of 2.8 affordable primes.
    Can they do it? Yes, but it's not gonna happen.:(
  15. 2nd hand Df?
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  16. Camera companies, companies in general, mostly do what people want to spend most of their money on.
  17. “A fool and his money are soon parted”

    This phrase has its origins in (Proverbs 21:20) the King James Version of the Bible, so way before cameras were thought of....:cool:

    Shows the potential power of advertising to buy the new shiny bauble, but when that bauble is demonstrably better......;)
  18. DF was overpriced to begin with and now it's just old.
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  19. Not really, first and foremost they are for profit businesses, so usually its compromise of wants, needs and profits.
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  20. I kinda just think of it as a D4 in a 'retro' body, but yes, maybe it hasn't aged well!
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