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  1. Death is not just an end. It can be a beginning. When Nietzsche declared God to be dead, he didn’t mean literally that an entity known as God no longer existed. He meant the Enlightenment was something to reckon with and was moving us into the future, doing away with systems of government based on a divine right and instead yielding to governments respecting the rational consent of the governed. Physical laws now could hold more sway as science flourished.

    A ‘dead” Philosophy forum could offer new possibilities. A “dead” Philosophy forum could spur the imagination and creative juices toward something even more photographically challenging and alive.


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  2. No one said it was a declaration of victory. It was a recognition of the role of the Enlightenment in politics and science as a new beginning. Whether he liked it was not the point and whether you think it’s a good example is of no concern to me. My point is that we can use the so-called “death” of the Philosophy forum as an opportunity. I’m not surprised that point escaped you.
  3. You don't have to see the purpose of my creating a new thread. I saw the purpose of doing so. This really is counterproductive.

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