dead cell maybe?

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  1. I have a BN-1 Ni MH battery pack (for the SHV-1 battery pack), that does not hold a charge. Is there any way the cell can be reconditioned?
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  2. Don't bother. Another cell will go soon. Just get a new pack. Figure on a 4 year lifetime. If you get more than that, you're ahead of the game.
  3. If you had a voltmeter at hand you could evaluate if there is just 1 cell missing....
    But I totally agree with the previous post: 4 years and bye - NIMhs aren't meant to last as long as NICDs and other bulkier battery types.
    OTOH: that pack seems to run at 220 Euro... do you happen to know its specs? - Maybe it could make sense to rebuild it., even with an ugly construction using less expensive cells in an external bag. A lot of manufacturers seem to be ripping us off with their proprietary batteries.
  4. So...there is one possibility -- but it's technically challenging. Open the pack up (it's probably ultrasonically welded, so it won't be easy) and remove the cells. Then, contact a pack rebuilder (Google for this, I have no experience with any providers) or rebuild it yourself. You can buy individual NiMH cells online. There are many variables to deal with, but you will get a good-as-new pack that will last you another 4 years. If you are really lucky, you will find a rebuilder who has done these packs before, but personally, I doubt it.
    I have done this (it was a Metz 45-40 and I replaced the NiCds with NiMH cells), but I have access to a spot welder at work. There are many pack rebuilders around, most deal with the portable radio market and may not want to handle other packs due to liability concerns. But rebuilding a pack is very possible. And if you do try to do it yourself, the spot welders are $150 or so on Ebay. If you do decide to rebuild the pack...use all new cells.
    Here's a guy who has documented the process:
  5. Don't open it. Get a new power pack, either new or well reconditioned. Cells can be replaced if you find a reliable technical outfit. Quantum Turbo (and its mates )are readily refurbished but those I use are lead acid gel cells. Ni Mh is another story. Yet still.... High voltage stuff I keep clearly of as do most of us I am sure. (DIY applies to plumbing, wood work, not high voltage components.) Why not call Olympus UK and tell us what they offer and cost too?
  6. Our Olympus store shows the BN-1 pack at close to USD 200.00 and not in stock. B and H seems to list the pack as discontinued. I would still seek out battery outfits and reconditioners, but maybe it is time to think of a new Lithium Ion system that would work. This one sounds interesting for the price and has a warranty. Cables for the FL 50 should be doable. Good luck kevin and let us know what works out. If you shoot for money, a fast recharger- and one of the new lightweight ones- pays for itself. Good luck.

    There are other solid brands like Lumedyne as well but the above is on sale now....and B and H will ship as well. and respond to e mail...... I know, a bugger but batteries are consumables. I have recelled my Turbo two times after it got low. Quantum brand is combination cells and electronics but still in business. PS. I see that the BN-1 may not be electrically high voltage, but still looks awkward to "vivisect."
  7. It appears to be the same battery used by the Sunpak TR-2000 (which appears to be pretty much the same as the SHV-1) and is available from B&H and Adorama for US$75.
  8. I couldn't find a reference for the BN-1 battery pack. If it's NiMH and priced close to $200 then it's worth recelling. I don't think it's that difficult to recell.

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