Dawn of Man: which you prefer?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by travis|1, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Second one, if you hadn't cut off his feet.
  2. Number one.
  3. m_.


  4. With that title? #2
  5. I agree, the second one if you had left the feet.
  6. and kept the horizon straight.
  7. The first one. It looks like they are "dawning" right out of the sand. And...as stated, the horizon in the second...
  8. #3 with the feet in and the horizon level.
  9. Travis, I can remember some of your first posts here. Have you gone full circle photographically? :)
  10. maybe I should put a bubble level on my p&s? actually I agree with what's said on 2. Saw the man walking in and quickly stretch out the digicam. Too far from me(the cam) to see the horizon.

    1st shot had more time to frame though.
  11. How can it be 'Dawn of Man' with ships in the background? ;) I find the 1st to be something
    to look at, the 2nd is nothing special.
  12. Ray, I know the ship thing would come in... I was hoping no one saw them..
  13. I like the first also. If you cropped the second one vertically, with the figure a little to right of center, I might like that best of all. The footprints are really good; the figure just seems to have a little too much "room".
  14. First one. And no title.
  15. Of couse we could argue that the second photo emphasis the symbolic relationship between man and his enviroment. The ships and slopping horizon just adding to the general impact of the image along with the missing toes.

    The whole image staging a story about how little mankinds impact is on the earth. In a very brief moment in time all is washed away along with mankinds machinations.

    Keep doing your own thing,Travis. Let others worry about toes and such stuff.
  16. Right, it is the spin that is lacking and not the ever absent clarity and the blotchy B&W wannabe images.

    Throw away any compositional elements as well and what is left of it?

    You are full of hatred, Allen.
  17. what is left of it?

    Nothing you would understand.

    You are full of hatred, Allen.

    Have a long hard close look at yourself, Vivek.
  18. You see, Allen, that is difficult. Capacity to do anything, if it is absent would make that a futile exercise.

    I am with Robert M. Johnson. I think he means well and me too. If it does not fit, Travis can please ignore it.
  19. Well now, it seems like a good time for a haiku:

    Down to our skivvies
    and cast from ships, ashore now--
    watch out for the toes!
  20. that is:

    down to our skivvies

    and cast from ships, ashore now--

    watch out for the toes!
  21. I am with Robert M. Johnson.

    Don't look behind you,Robert.
  22. Good advice, chum.
  23. I wish this forum had a button that says "Report this post to a moderator". I wish folks would stop creating bad energy around here. Leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and keeps the girls away. Shame.
  24. I have sent Travis numerous emails over the years expressing my appreciation and enjoyment of his work!
  25. 2nd one, hands down.
  26. Skeeter got me thinking. I'm changing my vote to the second one. But still: no title.
  27. I like the second, especially given the title. The first is of people playing on the beach. The second suggests the possibility that the man came from the ships and is leaving the frame to who knows where. The second also calls to mind Lord of the Flies. If it were my own photo, I would be bothered by the crooked horizon and cropped toes. Oddly, these details do not bother me in other people's photos.

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