David lachapelle type work?

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  1. What steps and tools are used in PS to create photos as amazing as these..
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/merkley/120120731/in/set-72057594117205766/ and also...

    All advice will be praised!

    Thanks everyone!

  2. PS has almost nothing to do with those two pictures, except perhaps to make web jpegs. It's about the lighting and camera technique.
  3. Uhhh, sorry but PS has everything to do with them. Go to Flikr and read the guys profile rant. In any event,you will not get that color intensity using incamera settings and a flash like he uses.
  4. well, you can ps saturation, but you have to start with interesting content to get to where la chapelle is at. People forget that without content, you're left with a pretty picture about nothing special.

    lachapelle is all about content and storytelling. How he shot is everything to getting the style down. Sure you can always add certain treatments in photoshop, but lighting and content will make them way better photos.

    Really, this is fairly focused, straight-on and undiffused lighing. Lachapelle used oncamera flash for some of his work. BUt the really superpolished plasticky stuff is ultradiffuse mixed with diffuse lighting and great body makeup.

    Until you've seen what a top makeup artist does to a model with great skin, you haven't lived. I've been lucky enough to work with one who is one of the top in the US, and evey project is always 100% better with her on my team

    I would say, work on your lighting AND ps. And then seek out real makeup and hair people and real models. Talk to any real fashion photographer and they'll tell you that content and storytelling is everything. Sure there are some great photos done with just a photographer and a model, but many more great ones are done with a great TEAM.

    The photos you're seeing are higher contrast as well with the greener values brought up. but just remember that its about creating an image, not just adjusting a few values in photoshop. YOu need a good starting point to get great results.
  5. Interesting, but most of the pictures have blown out highlights. Boost contrast, boost
    saturation, over-"curves" the whole thing, and that's what you get. I don't like it.
  6. Caleb, that's an essential important point. But the color space and which adds so much to the atmosphere was created more in photoshop than with the camera or lighting used, or lets say the color values and scene lighting as existed when shot were highly manipulated to obtain the feeling delivered through the color space. Pretty much said so by the photog in his flickr profile.
  7. right on barry. The listed photog, yes, but lachapelle is more than a downloadable photoshop action. That's all I was getting at
  8. Not good idea to change watermelon to bottle of whiskey. Original idea is dead.
  9. That does not look like Lachappelle's style to me. Lachappelle is more about art design than photographic technique. There is a documentary on him called "Portrait of a photographer" if you want more information: http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/770185
  10. Yep, people don't know what they're talking about. News at eleven...

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