Date of the last rating?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by ghiga, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. When I go to see one of my folders, and active the option "DETAILS" it
    appears under the photos the informations about it. But it could be
    interesting and useful to have the indication of the DATE of the LAST
    rating received.
    I have many shots, and I can't remember the number of rating of every
    of them. And if I don't have comments, but only ratings, I don't know
    if I had new visitors to my photos.
    It is possible to do?
    Thank You very much for the help.
    Ghiga 2
  2. It seems like a good idea, if it is not too burdensome, Brian. I endorse this idea.

    John (Crosley)
  3. Agree. I wanted to post a similar question
  4. I have often wished for the same. d.d.
  5. If not a date maybe just different colour of font on unchecked ratings.

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