Darkroom Equipment for sale-Cheap!

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by diane_inserra, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. I am moving and need to sell these items fast. I am in the Omaha, Nebraska
    area. Lots of great items in great shape for the darkroom. Local pickup or
    will ship for 200.00 extra.


    Contact: Diane (402)630-3150 or u2deva@cox.net

    1. Beseler 67SC/67SD Enlarger (User Manual included With Dual Dichro Head
    (for Black and White or Color)

    2. Omega SCA-100 Color Analyzer

    3. GraLab enlarging timer Model 450

    4. Gralab darkroom clock/timer

    5. Enlarging Lenses (various sizes) 75 mm 3.5 Spiratone, 25mm 3.5 Voss,
    Beseler, 105 mm 1:5,6 Rodenstock/Rodagon, Schneider 2.8

    6. Vivatar Auto. Ext. Tube AT-3 36 mm

    7. Large Lot of Film Developing Tanks and Reels 4 (2) Roll Metal Tanks
    with Lids and 1 (1) Roll metal tank with Reel. Several Plastic tanks with

    8. 11X 14 Color processing Drum Ext. Tube Premier Model #1311 and Color
    Processing Drums

    9. Universal Color Calulator-Direct Read Color Printing Calculator

    10. Kodak Safelight (Circular) Adjust. With Filter Model A

    11. Negative Viewer 1: 3.5 Beseler

    12. Negative Carriers: Several Beseler:

    A. #6735 35 mm
    B. #8062 6X9 cm Glassless (medium format)
    C. #8048 6 x 4.5 cm Glassless (Round sandwhich)
    D. #8054
    E. #8053 35mm glassless

    13. 2 Negative grain focusing scopes

    14. Photo Flo (Bottle)

    15. Ilford Multigrade Filters for enlarging 00-5

    16. Kodak Projection Print Scale for test prints

    17. Polaroid auto. Processor

    18. uniroller for unicolor filmdrawer and all unidrums model 352

    19. Beseler Color Printing Filter Set

    20. Small Brumberger Cabinet metal for supplies

    21. RC Photo Drying Book

    22. Box Kimac Slide Protectors

    23. Slide Mounts and several photo books to help set up darkroom
  2. hi .. are the enlarger and lab working fine? have you got some pictures of the things that you are selling..? if you want you can take my email from the site and contact me via that way, i think this will be the best. ciaooo. martin
  3. Yes, everything is working fine. I don't have any pics of the items. It is best to look at them directly.

  4. These are Sold. Thank You.

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