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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by tom_cairns, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. I have Photoshop CS v8 on four computers. On my main computer that I use 95%
    of the time images in Photoshop are very dark. The same images look ok on the
    other 3 and also in IrfanView and other viewers on the mian computer.

    A search of this board found the suggestions
    (1) turn off the automatic adjust in the ACR but I don't know what ACR means.
    (2) Disable Adobe Gamma but I don't know how to do that.

    Photoshop Help says to
    (1) go to View > Preview but the pulldown menu actived by View has no Preview
    option or
    (2) go to Image > Adjustments > Gamma but the pulldwon menu activated by
    Adjustments has no Gamma option.

    What am I missing?

    Tom Cairns
  2. Often I do the whole session using the appropriate proof view. Could that be it on this one particular computer? It can lead to very different desults from another machine...
  3. sorry, results, not 'desults'.
  4. Tom,
    These maybe silly questions but...
    Are all the monitors on your 4 computers the exact same brand and model?
    Are they all calibrated to the same workspace, i.e. Adobe 1998 with same gamma number?
  5. Brian,
    Limit the discussion to my Dell 5150 laptop and my generic PC with dual Samsung 191T monitors. Both were calibrated the same way. The reason that I don't think the problem is with the monitors is that IrfanView and other viewers show the same images as expected on the PC. When viewed on different monitors, there is the variation you'd expect but the problem on the PC is much more gross than that.

    BTW I'm a mathematics professor with 50 years of computer experience but a comparatively naive user of Photoshop.
  6. how is photoshop handling embedded profiles on the dark monitor?.....discarding, keeping,

    its all in "color settings"
  7. Thanks. I found a color setting that fixed it.

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