"Danish Delights" - A gallery of CMC shots from our summer holidays

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  1. Dear All,

    it's been a wonderfully hot summer here in Denmark, fortunately coinciding with our first ever "domestic" holidays with the kids. I took the liberty of preparing a small gallery of B/W keepers (25 in total), recounting our two weeks in Denmark. I hope that you will enjoy them - please feel free to comment :)


    Teaser: The first picture shows a sighting of the very rare Danish Gibbon :)

    Gear-wise, this was a different setup than usual, since I left the M3 at home and brought along a Nikon FE instead. I really like the FE for its compactness and simplicity - In aperture priority, there really isn't much to think about except focus and composition.

    The lenses were more or less the same that I usually take for traveling: A 28/3.5 and a 50/1.4 - including a two stop ND filter for the 50, which turned out very useful for shallow DOF in the harsh sun. The 28/3.5 is even eminently easy to scale focus, leaving even one more factor out - just "compose and click" :)

    Thanks for looking :)


    P.S.: After I came up with the title for the series (a variation on "Turkish Delights" confectionery, of course) I Googled it - only to find out that it was the English-language title of a Danish "soft-nude-comedy" from the seventies :) Oh Well...
  2. These are wonderful images that I am sure your family will cherish for many years. Kids grow up so fast, so it is wise to document their lives. Using classic camera makes the documentation process that much better. Did you use light meter, or did you go for Sunny 16?
  3. As usual, a wonderful set of images, and the last shot of your daughter is really nice. Funny, but I don't think of Denmark as a place to swim in the ocean.
    The fortresses also surprise me as I thought the Danes were too busy attacking other countries to need defense :)
    Australia also has a connection with Denmark as your Crown Prince carted off one of our girls :)
  4. Soeren--absolutely grand! I loved the photos and the narratives--beautiful!
    Thanks for posting...
  5. It is a beautiful example of real photography, on film, developed very nicely, and the images themselves composed very professionally. Regardless of the digital scanning of the negative, it shows the real film effect wonderfully. Excellent portfolio you have here.
  6. It is a beautiful example of real photography, on film, developed very nicely, and the images themselves composed very professionally. Regardless of the digital scanning of the negative, it shows the real film effect wonderfully. Excellent portfolio you have here.
  7. Soeren, thank you for the very entertaining series of photos and causing me to smile. You did a super job with the FE.
  8. A nice set.
    Kent in SD
  9. Very nice series. The ND filter is an accessory that is often overlooked, but can really add versatility to photography will keeping fast film at the ready. Thanks for posting.
  10. That is what summers are made for. Wonderful and fun photos.
  11. Delightful, as always, Soeren. There's always sort of fairy-tale quality to your galleries, something a little old-world and nostalgic, though your children are thoroughly modern. I suspect it's because you all come across as one of those unusual objects, a happy family. Fine photography, as always; many thanks.
  12. Wonderful series Soeren,
    Delightful portraits and holiday snaps. Love the one of Anton with the medieval helmet.
    Thanks for sharing.
  13. Looks like a relaxing trip! The ND filter was a great idea. That BW400CN is some good stuff, eh?
  14. Soeren,
    A delightful set of pictures and a wonderful narrative.
    I look forward to your next family vacation.
  15. As we say here in New England: "Wicked nice !"
  16. Thanks, all - I really appreciate your kind comments. It does take me some time to go through the scanning, HTML'ing, and writing, but it really does help keeping a record for the future. Next will be a series of Blurb "family albums" - although that will take a while, too, I'll gladly spend the evenings.

    Tony, may I suggest that you pay Denmark a visit, so you can experience things first hand ?? We do have lots of nice beaches around here, nice girls - not all of which are Australian - and some nice CMC shops. I'll gladly buy you a beer :)

    Rick D., I'm glad that you perceive us as a happy family :) Indeed, we are, but there are of course also moments where I decide to not take pictures in favor of damage control :)

    Thanks again - further comments are obviously more than welcome.

  17. Fighting with wooden swords? When I was a kid, I used to fight with my cousin with broomsticks and garbage can lids. :)
  18. As Bela says, this is highly accomplished film photography and has given me a few thoughts for my next holiday.
  19. Damage control.. Haha. Been there !! Great series. Loved them all, Funny, I feel close to your family because they are featured here. Love your B&W workumm Love B&W in general!
  20. Great shots as always, Soeren. I always look forward to your posts as I enjoy the 'mini-vacations' I feel that I'm taking when viewing your pictures. Beautiful work in capturing all of these. At first I thought you'd taken them with your Leica but I was thrilled to see that you'd used an FE, which has motivated me to get mine back out and finish the roll of film currently in it. Thanks for a wonderful post!
  21. ND filters are something that I have no short supply of. Series VI, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm. They all get used and sometimes stacked. Wonderful set.
  22. I can't believe Asta is 8 wonderful pictures that you will always treasure thanks for sharing

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