Dammit Janet lets Get Published! - new blog on self publishing

Discussion in 'Member's Photo News' started by eric rose, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. That's the title of my latest blog posting. It's all about self publishing using Blurb etc. Frank Petronio was a contributor as well. I'm working with Blurb to get a special first time users discount code so will have that available shortly. Click here.
  2. Are we allowed to remark on the irony of flogging a blog about publishing that has a typo in its headline?
  3. Got your attention didn't it! There are so many ways to get's peoples attention.
  4. And yet again another typo
  5. I think it's safe to say that last one was a bit of wry, self-deprecating humor. That I can get behind.
  6. Wow is that all you people care about, being typo police?
  7. Eric, grammar and spelling are part of the package. People judge all sorts of things on the details. If someone is sloppy on details in one area, I consider that maybe that person is sloppy in other areas. And I don't trust sloppiness, especially when being asked to spend my hard-earned money but also when someone is giving advice or instructions on how to do something.

    Frustrating, I know, but typos count against you and your project. --Sally

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