Dammit I did it again - Minolta Hi-Matic 7S

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by ridinhome, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. All,
    So after spending way more money on Konica Autoreflexes than I should have (including CLA's from Greg Weber which are no doubt worth the money but still more than I should be spending on cameras right now) I was holding off on buying more gear. Then I made the mistake of browsing craigslist and I came across this beauty a mint (with slight brassing on the flim advance lever) black Minolta Hi-Matic 7S. From what I can tell so far everything is in perfect working order, including the meter (which gives you results in EV - fun).
    Though you might enjoy a little bit of camera porn. Sorry for the not so good picture, I'm too excited to set up a proper product shot a la Rick D our Louis M.
    The timing couldn't be better since we have a long weekend coming up. Can't WAIT to take this beauty out. Cost me $70 but I think it was worth it. What do you think?
  2. Very pretty. So far I've managed to avoid buying any Minoltas (having just recently gotten into Olympus), but if you guys keep this up...
  3. OoooH! That's a nice black one and it sure looks super clean. And it should for that price. But then it is black. I've never used a 7S but I hear it's a fine shooter. If I remember these were compared as similar to the Konica Auto S2 and the 7SII to the S3. Good luck with it and let us know how it shoots.
  4. damn, a black 7s! I have the chrome one, and it's a very likable camera.
  5. Very nice camera. I just bought a second one at a camera show two weeks ago but
    both of mine are silver. I did not know that they were offered in black at one time.
    Best regards,
  6. Don't often see the black ones, Kayam, and they do fetch a premium from the photo fashionistas. They sell for perhaps a little less down under, but not by much. It's a nice camera and I'm sure you'll enjoy using it. I'm looking forward to the pics !
  7. Thanks all!
    On reflection I think I did get carried away and overpaid, but then again it's black, it came with the case and filter, and these things seem to go for a bit more in NYC...yes yes, I'm justifying. First sign of an addict.
    Will post up pics soon, hopefully after this weekend.
  8. I have seen them at the auction site and often thought about buying one as they look rather pretty. However, I can't justify another rangefinder when saving up for medium format!
  9. Very cool! Has become one of my favorite cameras. Will be posting some recent shots from mine shortly as well. Looking forward to seeing your results! Remember, no regrets allowed! We are the few who delve into all things photographically vintage purely for the joy of it all!
  10. I think it was worth the money, a black 7s!!!!
  11. A *black* 7S! I didn't know they had those. I still have my chrome 7S, a lovely, if heavy, RF.
  12. Self Control is so over rated! I think it's a very cool camera and better that you scooped it than somebody else... like...well.. like me for example! Have Fun Gunga Din
  13. Good buy. It looks good to me, probably because it has been in the (n)ever ready case.
    I've bought a chrome 7S last year, never seen a black one.
  14. Very nice looking rangefinder, and awesome finish; no regrets Kayam, money comes and goes, but gems like this stay.

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