Daft question - what is W/NW?

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by petemillis, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. What is W/NW? Maybe it's because I'm over here in Blighty, but I haven't a
    clue what it is. Is it a point on a compass? Is it just for people in the W or
    NW of the US?
  2. "With No Words" - a thread that's just photos, no commentary.
  3. Thanks both of you. So I guess I should have really asked the question in picture form :)
  4. W/NW = Words / No Words.

    Somebody starts a new thread and posts a pic with a theme title. Others respond with their
    own pic. Words and commentary are optional.
  5. have to post pix that were taken in a west or north west direction. or with or without
  6. What is "PW"? As in here:

  7. I always thought W/NW stood for "Willie / No Willie."
  8. "What is "PW"? As in here:"

    Please Words

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