Dacora Digna 6x6 at the cottage

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  1. The Dacora Digna is a step above the "toy" camera category. It is a metal bodied 120 roll film camera with an f/8 80mm Achromat lens in a retractable housing. It was made in Germany in the late '50s. It has two shutter speeds - roughly 1/50 and B. The front focusing lens can be set from 5-10 feet, 10 to 25 and 25 to infinity. The aperture can be set at either f/8 or f/11. It has a flash shoe and a flash connector plug. I loaded a roll of Ilford FP4 125 black and white film that has been waiting in the fridge crisper for a few years. I probably should have shaken the camera with the back off (see the black specks on one of the shots.) I was pleased with the results: http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=24876073&size=m
  2. The Channel. See the specks?
  3. Porch and a view of the next island and Georgian Bay. (Not my place. The In-laws. A really lovely serene place. Unfortunately, one or two weekends a year is all I get.)
  4. J reading in the sun.
  5. Developing? I got lazy. I took the film to a cool photo place called Pikto (www.pikto.ca), in Toronto's new tourist magnet wannabe area, "The Distillery District." For C$4 they developed, and for another C$10 they scanned the 120 to a CD. I have no clue what they did, developing-wise.
  6. Oops. I posted the wrong link to the set of 120 photos on my Flicker site. Here is the correct link:

  7. Nice pictures from that simple camera. Pretty pricey processing, though. Down here, Walmart and Walgreen's will do that job for half that price. The Walmart technicians are all trained in film mutilation, but I've found a lady at one of the Walgreen's drugstores that does exemplary work with a Fuji Frontier. I recently did a 13x19 print from one of her scans of a 35mm negative.
  8. Pikto was the only place I'd found that scans 120. I've never seen a regular lab (grocery store, Walmart) that is able to do scans of 120 negs. I used to take my home-developed 35mm to Blacks (the big chain in this part of Canada, and relatively expensive - they charge $12 to develop and print 24 color prints that my grocery lab charges $5.99 for), to have the negs scanned for C$5.99 a roll. I don't think they even will scan 120 roll film there.

    Do any Canadians out there know where I could get 120 scanned for less than C$10 plus tax?
  9. pretty impressive indeed, and the camera looks cool as well!
  10. All the shots look over-contrasty on my monitor with inpenetrable black shadows. I don't see a full range of grays. If that's what the negatives look like, I don't think they did as good job of developing.
  11. I went into Picasa-2 (a free image cataloguing and editing program, courtesy of Google) and tried lightening one of the images.
  12. David M,
    I am using an iMac calibrated with a Monaco Spyder and I see an above average tonal
    scale on these pics, highlights with detail as well as shadows. Is your monitor
    calibrated? When I view this site at work on my PC, the tonal scale seems limited.
  13. he quality of lens is amazing for such a low-end camera - Well done, Daniel.
  14. Thanks, though the credit is due to the Dacora. I guess it goes to show what people (and what Gene M demonstrates) say again and again about how well many lenses perform when they are stopped down to f/8 or smaller. In this case, the only choices are f/8 and f/11.
  15. Hi Daniel! I used to go to a place on Queen West, called West Camera, but hadn't been in a while, probably because I was enamored of Pikto. Well, I went back to West Camera to have a box of negs scanned to disc for the University, because Pikto was closed, and discovered that they only charge $5 for a disc. They also develop all their own B&W film. I used to trust them implicitly, so I think you can too. They're on Queen West, just east of Bathurst. I'm thinking now that I may start going back to West Camera. Oh, they also rent out darkroom space upstairs above the store.

  16. Thanks. I'd been there a few years ago, when I rented the use of an enlarger to try to print some negs. Nice place. I was pretty hopeless with the equipment.

    I'll take my next roll(s) there: West Camera 514/516 Queen St W. Toronto, ON 416.504.9432 - I assume that's a few blocks west of Spadina.

    (P.s. How's shooting with various vintage cameras going?)
  17. On second thought, maybe not: I just called West Camera. They charge $4 to develop, but $20 to scan (low res) a roll of 120. Ouch!

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