D90 in-camera lens distortion correction

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by iansgallery, May 6, 2012.

  1. I have just completed a days photography using my Nikon D90 and have been reviewing the images, however I have been getting some sort of unusual lockout of my images. The ones showing some lens distortion I want to correct using the auto corrector in the camera but I am getting a cross on my image on the rear display (like I was using a manual focus lens) so all that is left is manual lens correction.
    This has me stumped. The lens distortion correction is part of my workflow and whilst I can do it manually I would just be guessing. The 55-300mm Nikkor I was using is not a very distorting lens but it still has some which I want to correct in the camera.
    Does this sound like a faulty lens (lack of communication with the camera) or a camera fault? I have done a full reset - no help I am afraid.
    Thanks for any ideas
  2. Just a guess here Ian - but the 55-300 was introduced long after the D90, so the lens correction parameters for that lens cannot be included in the in-camera database. They might be included in the latest Nikon software - and maybe there is a way to transfer that information into the camera - someone more familiar than me with that particular feature may know the answer (I shoot RAW and don't use Nikon software)?
  3. ...a guess here: the lens distortion correction may be good on lenses wide-angle in view (i.e., 35mm or wider.)
    The amount of distortion at 55mm to 135mm may not be what Nikon planned for.
  4. Or, do correction in NX2, which is kept up to date on lenses and bodies.
  5. Or, certain 3rd-party programs correct distortion better than Nikon (DxO OP, PTlens, Adobe).
    There is a "firmware" update for the D90 specifically for the distortion-correction tables for newer lenses at Nikon website.
  6. Thanks for the input. Sem, I checked out what you said about the firmware update and that was the answer - I downloaded it and now my D90 has the ability to fix the 55-300mm lens distortion. I am chuffed with that outcome.
    Matt, I tried the NX2 but could never get the hang of it as it was not clear what I was seeing on screen. The in camera image control is so good nowdays that after 'quick retouch', 'lens distortion' and 'straighten' (if needed) the photos print up as 6x9's really well.

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