D90 can no longer insert photos into WordPerfect X4

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jerry_curtis, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. For several years I have used a Nikon D90 to insert photos (jpg) into WordPerfect. Yesterday, I was not able to do that, although converting them to bmp let me insert them. I have no trouble inserting pics I've taken with a D70S. I compared EXIF data for jpgs taken with both cameras, and I cannot see a significant difference. I have always been able to insert large or small jpgs taken with the D90.
    I am using a Dell Studio with a Core i5. When I try to use a computer with a Core i7, the WP graphics converter stops working, and the program closes. Consequently, when I want to work with WP and graphics, I have to use a Core i5 computer.
    This seems to be a very stange problem, but I am hoping someone has a solution for me.
  2. You might be better off taking this to Word Perfect support or a Word Perfect forum. This is likely to be more of a Word Perfect problem and has nothing to do with jpg files from your D90
  3. I agree with Lorne. A JPG is a JPG, though they will vary by size (in pixel dimensions, and in bytes of storage). Do you really have to "convert" a JPG in order to use it as an image in a document? What happens when you use a smaller JPG (say, a modest resolution image saved off of a web page somewhere)? What happens when you use a separate piece of software (like the free View NX2 you can get from Nikon) to scale those D90 JPGs down to a size suitable for your document, and then try placing them in the file?
  4. Are both computers running the exact (same) copy of WordPerfect? The Core i5 and the Core i7 chips may support a different program release of WordPerfect, or you may have to re-install WordPerfect to get all the functions to work properly.
    As noted above, a .jpg file is not going to be something WordPerfect created and reloads at a later time.
  5. This is paranoia, but just to check: the D90 hasn't got set to AdobeRGB colour space, has it? I would hope that WordPerfect's decoder would cope (or at least, fail gracefully with weird colours), but it's the kind of feature that slips through the cracks and is buried deep enough in a camera menu that it might not be noticed. Just a thought.
  6. Ok for me the biggest shock here is that WordPerfect is still used today!
  7. I'm with Nish!
    I strongly doubt the graphics converter crashing on a i7 and not on i5 actually has got anything to do with the CPU. These processors are about as equal as they get, and Windows sitting below WordPerfect takes away a lot of the direct hardware differences anyway. Probably some compatibility issue with another software title - there will be other differences between these machines more likely to explain that behaviour.
    I'd start by checking the Corel site for any updates to this version of WordPerfect. If there isn't, or it's all already installed, I'd check with their support. And yes, do as Lorne and Matt suggested, and what Andrew suggests also makes loads of sense...
    You could also try downloading a D90 example photo from some review site and try to insert that, see what happens.
  8. Here is what I would do.
    1. Do a clean reboot of the computer. Definitely sounds like a Word Perfect problem however sometimes a good reboot will fix problems like this.
    2. If the reboot does not work, the next thing I would look at is are you able to open the images from the D90 with an image viewer, either the Win7 built in viewer or something else? If this works, then it pretty much guarantees that the problem is with Word Perfect. If this does not work, then perhaps you're having a problem with the card on the D90 or something similar.
    3. Next if you are able to view the images on the D90, then I would look at Word Perfect. Everyone else gave you some great recommendations so that there but before you do this, I would do the first two steps that I outlined.
    4. And lastly if none of these work, find your nearest teenager.
    Wish you the best.
  9. Anyone who has used Word, Wordperfect and Open Office to address an envelope will immediately understand that Wordperfect has perfected the task.
    Wordperfect also excels at creating booklets in a way that leaves Word and Open Office in the dust.
    I also use Corel Photopaint before ever trying Photoshop, it just loads faster. However I prefer to do all possible work in NX2.
  10. Try using imagemagik convert with the same file in input and output. I had a similar problem with latex. Seems that some current jpg generators are inserting infos in the exif part of the file that is not accepted by old applications. Applying imagemagik cleans up the file. Let me know if it is the case.
    convert image.jpg image.jpg
  11. It seems strange that this is a new problem though. The OP states that they were able to import their D90 images at one time, and now something has changed. Has any image manipulation program been loaded lately? Maybe something whose JPEG codec clashes with Wordperfect's? Or has a Windows DLL been updated?
    I had a similar issue when all my RAW files started to get displayed with very strange colours, although the exported TIFFs were fine. Turns out that installing a Canon printer had told Windows to use the printer's profile for the display! Unbe-flaming-lievable! Reverting the display profile to standard sRGB sorted it out.
    Of course an easy solution would be to install and use Open Office.
  12. Some programs can't handle the _DSCxxxx.jpg when it is on AdobeRGB.
  13. It's also a possibility that a recent Windows update screwed up one of the DLLs that WP uses.
  14. Sorry but 'a jpg is just a jpg' is a misstatement. For example there are several different encoding methods that can be used used.
    I have numerous .jpg files created many years ago that will not open in my current software NX2. MS Paint will open them, and when savedfrom there I can then open in NX2.
  15. There maybe a simple answer to this. When you save JPGs you should see option boxes asking how you want to save them. I have had trouble importing JPGs into some programs if the "progressive" option is selected. Make sure the image is saved as "Baseline - standard" and you should be OK. I hope this works for you.

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