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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by kevin_beretta, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Kevin, I am afraid that the link you posted has phony "discounts"?
  2. US $3296.95 is the price the D850 was introduced at in the US - I strongly doubt B&H ever offered them for $4500. It appears that we are finally over or at least nearing the D850 shortage here in the US; there certainly has not been a price reduction yet. Broadway Camera appears to be Canadian and I assume the price is in Canadian dollars (Henry's sells the D850 for $4299 CAD).
  3. I just got off the phone with Broadway Camera and they have discounted their D850s from $4,299 to $4,199. Photoprice.ca is the greatest unknown resource for Canadians as most stores in Vancouver, for instance, will honor the Alberta prices, which are in most cases a fair bit lower.
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    Kevin, as Dieter points out, the link you provided is also showing (multiple times) that B&H has discounted the D850 from US$4500 to $3296.95, which is the price B&H has been charging from day 1.

    It sure doesn't look like a trustworthy site to me.

  5. Shun, I hadn't looked at the details until you posted the picture. The Broadway Camera discount is real; I may pick up a D850 tomorrow as they have them in stock. It does indeed look off when looking at the B&H prices, quite off ... not sure why. I've always found Photoprice to be dead on when it came to prices in various stores.
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    Broadway Camera's own site is still showing the D850 at (Canadian) $4299: Nikon D850 Body

    If you can indeed get a $100 discount, even though it is merely a small ~2.3% off, it is better than nothing. As far as I know, many Canadian camera stores have had the D850 in stock for a few weeks, while the shortage seems to be a bit more serious in the US.

    In any case, do share your experience with us. The D850 is an excellent camera, but I am cheap such that I am waiting for some serious discount (perhaps with a free MB-D18 grip) before I'll get one. I am more looking into the 2nd half of 2018 and perhaps the November, December holiday season, i.e. 10 months from now.

  7. I'm happy to report that Photoprice.ca was indeed correct on this. It leaves in question the B&H numbers though ... algorithms aren't all created equal I guess.
    Pulled the trigger and am a happy (I think) owner of a D850. It's a bit noisier than the D700 is replaces but the Bokeh is a lot nicer, that is obvious right off the bat.

  8. Noisier as in "per pixel"? Probably - all the D8x0 series have been, but they're better at full image size.

    I'm not sure how the body would affect bokeh, though.

    Glad you found one, anyway. Is it a good idea to publicise the serial number?
  9. I have a question for Shun as he would deny it but I know that he knows. We know that the lowest price for a new D810 is $2499 sometime last spring I think what is the lowest price for a new D850 and when?
    I am not talking about used, gray or refurbished.
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    BeBu, how do you know that the lowest price for a new D810 is $2499? At best, that is the lowest price you have seen so far. How do we know Nikon USA won't discount it further to an even lower price in another few months to clear remaining stock, or they sell those remaining new ones as refurbished to hide the actual discount? Or perhaps they no longer have a whole lot of D810 left so that no further discount is necessary?

    Concerning the D850, I expect Nikon USA will drop it from $3300 to $3000 in another few months, as they did with the D810 after about a year into the D810's production cycle. And then they'll start giving away a "free" MB-D18 grip in some occasions, such as the Christmas holiday season around November, December 2018. Since the MB-D18 can increase the D850 from 7 fps to 9 fps, I am interested in getting that also, as I already have the EN-EL18 batteries so that there is no additional battery cost to me.

    If one is willing to wait further and further, the D850 will certainly get cheaper and cheaper. Would you buy a D850, new or used, 10 years from now when the photography world will have moved onto something much newer and better (perhaps mirrorless, perhaps far better video, future Nikon mirrorless lenses may have a different mount that cannot be used on the traditional F-mount cameras)? And by then, you may have difficulty to find good EN=EL15 batteries to power that D850.

    Last but not least, congratulations to Kevin's new camera. After using it for 3 months, I find the D850 excellent. However, 46MP is too many for me in most occasions, and to that end I like 24MP on the D750, but the D850 definitely has better AF (only second to the AF on the D5). While Nikon video is not the best, I like the fact that the D850 can capture 4K video with the full width of the sensor, the first Nikon DSLR with that capability.

    Incidentally, I assume Broadway Camera is an authorized Nikon Canada dealer. I am a bit surprised they can discount it by $100. Nikon USA doesn't allow its authorized dealers to go below a minimum price, which seems to be always $3 below Nikon USA's set price. In the case of the D850, it is US$3299.95 - $3.00 = US$3296.95. Doesn't Nikon Canada have the same policy as Nikon USA?
  11. Hi Shun, yes, Broadway Camera is one of the two or three dealers here for Nikon. All the sales people are photogs and know their stuff. I am not sure how the discounting works. When a few years ago, Nikon started to enforce their prices and the discrepancies disappeared, prices in Canada were actually lower than in the US. Now they are about the same. Back then, it made heaps of sense to buy from B&H and have stuff shipped to Canada or even better, close to the US border to a mailbox and hop across to collect it. The thing that is still crazy-expensive in Canada is the accessories. How about $59 US for a battery for the D850 from B&H vs nearly double that from the local store? So B&H got a nice big order from me last night. Canadian people also have stopped buying in the US because the Nikon warantee does not cover Canada for US bought products. We get 5 years on lenses and 2 years on the camera here.

    Off to find picture controls for the D850. For the D700 I used D2X mode 2 and I downloaded it from somewhere, I though Nikon ... but now I see there is something called picture control utility.... I guess we have to roll our own from now. Handy little things to have for seeing differences in LR.

    The whole day is dedicated today to monkeying with the D850. I took a 64 ISO 14 sec night shot last night... It's amazing. The 4K monitor is a total must though.
  12. £2555 grey in the UK at the mo'. That $3321 at 1.3$ > 1£. (From a company i've bought from before)

    It's £3449 at Authorized Nikon UK dealers, or $4483.

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  13. I can guarantee that B&H never had the price for the D850 more than the $3297 USD -- same price as it's been on the Nikon site for this camera since day one; and that was even during the pre-release date in late August. It seems the non-US retailers were the only $4k and over prices -- so no, there is no sudden "price reduction". Perhaps if you saw the price over the $3300 mark in the US it is because that retailer knew the supply was almost non-existent for months -- and they decided to take advantage of it -- and I guess if someone wanted it bad enough, they would pay the price rather than wait. I know my patience was wearing thin as the weeks turned into months waiting for my pre-ordered one from B&H -- and they never asked me if I would pay more to get it faster; they shipped it without a word when 'mine' became available.
  14. I hadn't seen that Mike. Thanks!

    I think D850 buyers will fall into two camps. The "can't waiters" who'll pre-order and have to wait anyway, and those who are reasonably happy with the gear they've already got. Once the can't waiters are satisfied, I think sales will slow significantly, and Nikon will have to bring its price down to a sensible level in Europe and the UK.

    However, I'm pretty sure my next digital body won't be made by Nikon - Camera body that is; I'm not thinking of going bionic!

  15. My strategy has been to wait 18-24 months when the prices of used ones dip below $2,000. (Ideally between $1,500--1,800.) Buying a used one after 1.5 to 2 years after introduction seems to be the sweet spot. I really can't justify spending $3,000 for a digital camera; they lose value so fast. I would not hesitate to spend that much or more on a historic camera, such as a wet plate camera from the Civil War (1860s). Those are not only cool but historically hold their value well. Meanwhile, my plan is to completely skip the D810 and wait awhile until D850 can be snagged at "my" price. Until then I'll keep using the D800E. I really hate spending $$ on cameras--they just don't seem to improve my type of photography much. I'd rather spend the money on travel.

    Kent in SD
  16. I've noticed an occasional D850 coming up that's probably a ex-review copy.

    I got my D810 6 months old from a company that used it to calibrate their AF software. The price I paid for it then is the same as a mint used copy is now ~ £1500, and that's about 3.1/2 years.

    Yes, I got a good deal, but D810 prices don't seem to have dropped much after the D850 came out. That may be a UK feature as those are the only prices I follow.

    I also got a e-flyer for the new D850 grip (MB-D18), a battery, charger and battery adapter, for the 'Bargain' price of $940. That's crazy money.
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    Kent, I thought your strategy was to wait 150 years or so. ;)
    Don't you have some lenses from the 19th century?

  18. LOL. For the really expensive stuff I tend to wait for a century. Yes, I have two lenses made in the 1840s, and four made in the 1850s. One (an 1851 CC Harrison Petzval) is used on both my D800E and Chamonix 4x5. Ancient lenses are a lot of fun to learn and use.:)

    Kent in SD
  19. I am waiting to buy a D3 still.

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