D810 needs to see the doctor - recommendations, please?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by d_ponce, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. My Nikon and I took a tumble on some slippery rocks :-( - a little bruised, but ok. The D810 seemed ok at first, until I noticed that the auto-focus points were mis-aligned by about an inch. So I'm looking to you guys for suggestions on an authorized Nikon repair shop to send it to. Thanks!
  2. Mis-aligned by about an inch at what distance?

    The AF illuminated rectangles in my D800's viewfinder appear to be slightly misaligned from where the AF actually centres by a small fraction of a degree. I don't think that's unusual or unexpected. The viewfinder rectangles can't be mechanically coupled to the AF sensor in any way. The rectangles are aligned with the AF sensor more or less accurately, but I don't think their correspondence can be absolutely precise.

    So it's possible the impact displaced the AF display in the viewfinder, or (worst case) displaced the AF sensor in the mirror box. Or it might be the case that you've only just noticed the discrepancy by looking critically for any fault.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts, rodeo_joe - always appreciate them! I actually did not think there was anything wrong for awhile -- since most of my photography at that time was architectural - probably on the same plane, so everything looked in focus after taking the image and zooming in to check. I thought I dodged a bullet and did not give it much further thought. The 24-70 lens had a little dent on the rim, but I was able to straighten it enough to use the filter threads again perfectly - I was a happy camper. Then I did some event photography -- something I do 'all the time' -- and usually do zoom in and check the focus to ensure it was captured after a shot [probably from about 15' away]. That's when I noticed a lot more out of focus images then what I am accustomed to with this camera -- and was concerned.

    Then my D850 came in and I tried that 24-70 lens (thinking it may be the lens that was damaged) and everything was tack sharp at the focus point. hmmm...I began to wonder and put it back on the D810 and shot the same subject (my dog's eye from about 5') -- the eye was soft but his fur about an inch away was sharp. I am critical of my images, for sure -- but I do know what I have become accustomed to with the D810, and anything less would be unacceptable in my book - so I'm not suddenly becoming overly critical - since I always have been :) - and have clients that expect the best. :) Besides, it is way too frustrating to live with, so it is going in for repair. :)
  4. Have you tried the AF fine tuning, if that might help?
  5. No, I have not, heimbrandt -- do you know the location for that?
  6. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

  7. Hi Sandy - yes, I am aware of this -- but thank you! I am looking for feedback from you guys as to which repair center has the best reputation, based on your own experience.
  8. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    I have sent my DF and D750 the former to Walt Whitman Road, Melville NY, the latter to California - apparently they have specific cameras repaired at different locations. You need to go through the process to find out. Work from both places was very satisfactory.
  9. Good to know! Thanks, Sandy!

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