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  1. It just happened to me last Saturday while I was photographing a road bike event here in Houston, TX. I was shooting in AF Continuous mode, RAW images going to CF card and Jpegs to the SD card. Lens was the 70-200mm f 2.8 VR. All of a sudden, the D 810 locked up.
    I could not figure out what was causing the problem. Turning the camera on and off did not change anything. The in camera battery was fairly new and working well as far as I knew. I finally took the battery out of the camera, reinserted it, turned on the camera and the problem was solved.
    Has anyone experienced this issue?
  2. I have had the D810 lock up in very cold, humid conditions by the sea in the winter. I suppose high temperatures can also cause cameras to malfunction though I don't run into that where I live. If it is an individual event and doesn't repeat itself often, I would just ignore it, but if it happens frequently I would ask Nikon service to have a look at the camera.
  3. Joseph, was the green "busy" light on the camera lit up by any chance? Could it be that the camera had simply run out of buffer space?
  4. There is a 2 button reset I had to do a couple of times not long after I had purchased the camera, but I haven't had to do it since. QUAL & Exposure buttons do that on the D810 (easy to remember the buttons as they both have a green dot).
  5. Actually it did happen to me as well - once. I had no idea what was going on, fiddled with on off etc and finally removed and replaced battery. It went back to normal and I have never experienced the problem again. I have no idea what happened, but I learned a long time ago that the digital DSLRs are really nothing more than a highly complex computer that has a lens mount on it. I treat my cameras as such and just accept that every once in a while it will do something wonky as my PC's often do and it seems removing the battery is akin to Ctrl-Alt-Del on a PC. If the problem with the camera persisted or re-occurred I would be more concerned. In this case, I chalked it up to the CPU hiccupping.
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  6. Rodeo Joe, I do not recall seeing the green light, but that could have been the cause as I was shooting at Continuous High and writing to both cards. I am going to check out that two button reset feature. I was not aware of that.
    Thanks for all of the comments.
  7. My D810 has been intermittently locking up when I have had my Tamron 70-200mm G2 lens attached to it. Sometimes I can take up to 30 shots before it locks up and other times I can take upwards of 250 shots.
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    I recall having to pull the battery on earlyish laptops on occasion - a kind of hard reboot. They worked again after. I nearly always have two cameras, but even so, would find it annoying and unacceptable if one of my cameras did that. In your situation suggest contacting Nikon Service. Best of luck in reaching a solution!
  9. Just to be clear, gabordosa"s problem is just with the Tamron lens, and the camera never plays up otherwise? Perhaps check for the latest firmware and whether the contacts are clean, but I doubt Nikon service will be very interested in a problem with a third-party lens. Tamron might be able to help.
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    As Andrew says, most likely Nikon repair will be quick to blame the problem on the third-party (Tamron) lens and suggest you to switch to a real Nikkor. Not sure Tamron has software to upgrade for their lens.
  11. I sent my Tamron lens to the camera shop where I bought it, and they in turn sent it to Amplis for testing. I provided all of the firmware details of my camera and a detailed explanation of the lockout problem, so that there would be no problem in replicating the problem at the camera shop. I was finally told that Amplis found no problem with the lens, and because of this sent it back to me in BC. Their was no test report accompanying the lens...only that they had cleaned the lens. Upon receiving the lens, I went out to determine if my "cleaned" lens would fail in the field, and in so doing found that the camera locked up after 30 shots, then after another 250 shots and then after another 200 shots...all in the same day. Again in the same day, I tested other lenses (Sigma) that I own on my D810 and they not result in the camera locking up. I have reached out to Nikon Support for assistance on this matter, but so far have not heard anything back And considering that my Tamron lens is 1/2 way through its warranty period, the camera shop where I originally purchased my Tamron lens has not proposed any solutions to the matter.
  12. Ouch. Sounds like you might need to send your camera and the lens to Tamron. Which would obviously be a pain. Good luck...
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    Do you have access to another D810 body to check that Tamron lens with? Please pay attention to the body firmware versions.
  14. I have the same problem with one of my D810 and the Tamron 24-70 G2 lens. I am going to try to isolate the problem more over next few days as I have two different 24-70 2.8 G2 lenses and 3 D810s. My girlfriend and I do wedding photography together.
  15. Hummmm... and is it only cured by battery removal?

    How often does it happen? I'm guessing the intermittent nature of this fault is maddening!!

    Does the G2 have the USB firmware port?

    EDIT.. I see it does. and apparently Tamron used the D810 for CIPA testing.

    SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2
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