D800 sensor issue - final update (rest o' the story)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by drjoder, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Some of you might remember my post awhile back about the irritating "weird diagonal stripe" I saw in a corner of my D800 images. The thread, as a reminder:http://www.photo.net/nikon-camera-forum/00cB83
    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and concern...and here is the rest of the story (from my blog):
    I sent my D800 in for repair of the "weird diagonal stripe" on the sensor on January 21st. (See previous posts: Nov 19, Nov 24, Nov 26, 2013, and Jan 21, 2014.) It was received by Nikon on January 29 and I approved the repair that very day. I just received the camera back this afternoon (Feb 6).
    The verdict?
    I have to say I was expecting the worst. Nikon's customer relations seem to have been bumping down a rocky 4x4 trail toward a Wile E. Coyote cliff lately and their concern for customer satisfaction was a big unknown variable in my mind. If you follow Thom "Mr. Nikon" Hogan's site at all, you know he has been giving Nikon a pretty severe lashing with the cat o' nine tails lately for all things customer related (one example). And, thickening the plot soup, my camera was technically just barely out of the warranty period (it was a Nikon Store refurb)--and even though the issue looked to be one of a flawed sensor from the manufaturer on Day 1, I figured they'd just say, "Tough luck, son."
    So, again, I was not expecting much--and given what they were charging me for the repair (about $160 clams), all I really expected was a cleaning that would do nothing to solve the issue.
    To quote Gomer, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" My D800 is no-kiddin' fixed and it looks practically new! With a few test shots, I confirmed that there was no sign at all of that weird diagonal stripe. In fact, it actually said "RPL sensor" on the work order. I am impressed. Kudos to Nikon for doing the right thing and making me one happy camper.
    That means I'm off at dawn tomorrow in the feezing cold in search of that elusive perfect image.
  2. Not sure I understand. They replaced the sensor (that's great). Why doesn't the work order state what was the cause for the sensor to behave this way ? Maybe not everyone, but some peeps would like to know this for future reference.
    Glad you got it all worked out.
  3. Great ! Just $160 to replace the sensor :)
  4. Nikon work orders don't state usually the cause of failure, especially when it's their fault.
  5. honestly, they probably dont really know what the cause was and may (probably) not have the equipment or time (ie. $$) to diagnose the failure to that level. They simply know that the sensor is bad from testing/experience/factory service and replace it. Then move on to the next camera.
  6. pge


    My one experience with Nikon service was very positive. In general I think people are more likely to publish their negative experiences than their positive ones and I think that skews public perception.
  7. It would be useful to know if you sent it to the West or East coast Nikon repair facility.
  8. If they replaced the sensor it had a bad sensor so there should be no more diagonal stripe right. Not sure whats going on here.
  9. For those confused...here is a test image from my blog showing the diagonal stripe I was concerned about: http://www.danieljoderphotography.com/d800-sensor-issue-update-3/ Ignore the spots--they can be cleaned; the stripe can't (I had already tried a pro cleaning at a local shop).
    It would show up especially when post-processing an image into high contrast black and white and it was a huge pain to clone out without disrupting the smoothness of the sky in that area. (If anyone else has ever seen this "weird stripe issue", it would be interesting to know.)
    No, not a peep from Nikon about what caused the problem in the first place. (Nikon seems to never admit to nor discuss their problems in public--D800 left focus and D600 grease stains, as examples.) For them to replace the sensor, though, it was likely defective.
    I sent it to the west coast repair facility. I included a set of test prints showing the extent of the problem.
    I am quite relieved. To spend that much on a camera then have to eat a defective sensor would have really sucked. Even if Nikon is tight-lipped about what the problem was at least they stepped up and did the right thing by fixing it.
    Thanks, all!
  10. I'm glad you had a good experience. I too am concerned about Nikon service. There was a time when you could call them and discuss your issues before sending in a camera or lens for repair. No longer. I wrote to them with a question......crickets.....
    I am a lifelong Nikon user and photojournalist. If I were not committed to Nikon already, Canon might get my business just for the service issues.
  11. Maybe you'll snap an "elusive image" of Wile E. Coyote chasing Thom Hogan. Or, maybe in the future you should just avoid refurbished bodies.
  12. Dan--yep, agree about the refurbished body thing.

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