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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mark_norbom, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Is it worth the extra $600 to get a D800 with a one year Nikon USA warranty, or should I purchase a D800 with a five year warranty from FRC?
  2. mm Maybe not a smart question but what does FRC stand for ?
  3. It stands for Factory Repair Center. I got a 5-year warranty card, but no registration process and their site is not very informative. Purchased from Fumfie.
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    Sounds like the OP has already purchased a gary-market or used D800.
  5. Yes, I purchased a gray market camera, but am considering to return and buy one with a USA warranty that costs $600 more. I did get a 5 year warranty for $200 from the other seller from FRC.
  6. Never heard of FRC, so I guess the question would be just how reliable are they if you need a warranty repair? For that matter, will they be around after, say, three or four years if you need them?
    Personally I would opt for the camera with the USA warranty.
  7. If you live in the USA , getting the officially imported VERSION IS A NO-brained unless you plan to ever take photos with
  8. It stands for Factory Repair Center​
    Ok, thx, i'll try to remember that one.
  9. IMHO the big advantage of getting a USA warranted Nikon is that in two or three years, if it needs service, Nikon USA will service it. They will not service a grey market camera. There's a lot of little stuff that can go wrong with a DSLR over the years. The security of knowing you can get the camera fixed by the folks who know how to fix it best, is worth the extra money to some of us. You need to decide if it's worth the extra money to you.
  10. It is not clear to me wether the RFC camera is new or kind of "Refurbished"since it seems to be sold by a repair centre.
    It could also be a repaired/ reffurbished legal import camera,in which case there would not be a problem with future service from Nikon ( on own costs that is).
    If its a repaired camera, i think i would rather buy a new one with full Nikon warranty after all...
  11. If I feel like taking a risk to save money I would buy one without warranty rather than paying $200 for the FRC warranty. Otherwise I would buy one with Nikon warranty.

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